Bostitch 8.5 Amp Orbital Reciprocating Saw Kit Review

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Bostitch 8.5 Amp Orbital Reciprocating Saw Kit [BTE360K] Review

Bostitch BTE360K

Manufacturer: Bostitch
Model number: BTE360K
Price: $89.99
Power source: Corded
Motor size: 8.5 Amps
Weight: 7.4 lbs
Reciprocating Saws may not be precise tools, but they are often precisely what you need to get the job done in almost any trade on almost any job-site. There are few rough cutting applications that the Reciprocating Saw CAN’T handle, so having a reliable, portable, and durable reciprocating saw is key to a productive job-site.

Here at ToolBoxBuzz we love the Bostitch 8.5 Amp Ortbital Reciprocating Saw Kit because of its simplicity, size, and price. So let’s get into the specifics of the Bostitch 8.5 Amp Orbital Reciprocating Saw Kit [BTE360K] Review.

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  • 8.5 Amp Motor
  • Orbital cutting action delivers
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Tool-free adjustable shoe
  • 1-1/8″ Stroke length
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Strokes/Min: 0-3200 spm
  • Keyless Blade Clamp
  • Adjustable Shoe
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty


  • Ergonomic and comfortable main grip
  • Large over-mold on secondary grip
  • Over-sized orbital action selector
  • Over-sized tabs on blade clamp collar
  • Compact and lightweight at 7.4 lbs
  • Hard case included

Out of the Box

This Reciprocating Saw has some great features for a tool that sells below $90.00. First and foremost it comes with a durable hard case with plenty of room for the cord and storage for blades. The cord is of modest length around 6 feet and has a built in ground on the plug. Both the blade clamp collar and shoe are adjustable tool free. And finally the saw is easily controlled with an over-sized orbital action selector and variable speed trigger.

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For a compact reciprocating saw, regarding both the overall size of the tool and the amperage, it performed better than expected. Perhaps not best suited for heavy duty demolition, but light remodeling during framing or medium duty applications is probably it’s niche.

The saw doesn’t have the raw power to cause the operator to lose control nor does it create an excessive amount of vibrations. The compact size makes it easy to handle in standard conditions and a comfortable choice when working on a ladder or in an awkward position.

Additionally this tool is DIY friendly for those same reasons, not to mention the variable speed trigger which allows the operator to really control the speed and aggressiveness of the cut.

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Overall Impression

The tool is definitely an all purpose reciprocating saw, limited by the size of the motor. This tool is not designed for heavy duty applications or super fast cuts, but it IS durable, affordable, and applicable for medium duty use throughout any job-site. To be fair the strokes per minute on the BTE360K is very high at 3,200, which CAN make for a fast cut with the right blade and cooperative material, but anything hardened, or nail embedded will be a much slower cut due to lack of power. Additionally, prolonged use will be really taxing on this small 8 1/2 amp motor decreasing the life of the tool if abused on a regular basis.

Overall this Bostitch 8.5 Amp Orbital Reciprocating Saw Kit Review finds this tool falling within the applications of professional everyday use, but is also a good choice for a homeowner who wants to spend a little more on an all purpose reciprocating saw that will last them a lifetime!

Bostitch BTE360K

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