InoKraft MaXpray Paint Sprayer Review

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InoKraft MaXpray M3 Plus Airless Paint Sprayer with Stand

InoKraft MaXpray M3 Plus Airless Paint Sprayer

Manufacturer: InoKraft
Model number: MaXpray M3 Plus
Power source: 110V
Motor size: 3/4 HP
Weight: 31 lbs
We recently got our hands on the InoKraft MaXpray M3 Plus Airless Paint Sprayer and were excited to put it to good use. It had been a few years since we last covered a sprayer (and it was HVLP vs airless). We appreciate any sprayer that quickly provides an even finish; it’s the most satisfying way to wrap up a construction task. Add in the extra benefits of significant time savings and ease of mobility by eliminating heavy air compressors (for spraying paint at least) and an airless sprayer offers some serious upside. At $350 the MaXpray M3 plus was also well priced. But did the price match the overall value and did the clean-up offset any worthwhile time savings? Read on to get all the details!

Specs & Features

  • Motor (Hp): 3/4
  • Weight (lbs): 31.3
  • Pressure Control Type: Adjustable
  • Pump Sleeve Material: Stainless Steel
  • Inlet Paint Strainer: 30 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen
  • Maximum Flow Rate (GPM): 0.33
  • Maximum Tip Size (in): 0.017
  • Maximum Working Pressure (MPa/PSI): 20.7 / 3000
  • Minimum Generator Power (W): 2500
  • Fluid Outlet Size (in): 1/4 NPSM


  • Equipped with an ‘AtoMax Spray Tip’ for minimal overspray
  • Spray directly from 1 or 5-gallon paint buckets onto any surface without thinning.
  • Swivel joint offers precise for even coverage.
  • Flush-Ease valve enables direct, hose-connected cleanup
  • Includes high-reach tip extension & cleaning kit

Overall Performance

An airless paint sprayer is a relatively straight forward tool to operate and the MaXpray M3 airless paint sprayer proved no different. Plug it in, put the uptake hose into the paint, prime the lines, and spray away. Typically clean up can take a few extra minutes but is more than offset by the time savings of much faster large-area coverage. But the quality of the finish is highly dependent on very minor details of two primary areas: pressure control and spray shape & consistency. If air bubbles get into the line, or the tip clogs, or the pressure fluxuates while spraying… the finish is sure to be uneven across the surface being painted. So, we focused on the fine adjustment of the spray pressure and the tip quality & seating and ability to resist clogging during our testing.

Adjustment Quality

Overall, the InoKraft MaXpray M3 airless paint sprayer performed very well across all of these areas. The pressure setting knob stayed in place and was satisfactorily responsive to fine adjustments. It was also clearly marked to make it easy to adjust from priming to spraying to cleaning. The motor was very responsive to spraying. It didn’t run excessively when we released the trigger and the system had to come back up to pressure. This indicated that the line pressure was constant, and hose and tubes were air bubble/clog free. This will extend the motor life and eliminates line clearing down time which is always appreciated! Most importantly, we noticed that the consistent pressure and paint feed created a very even finish coating on first pass and overlap coverage alike.

Finish & Spray Pattern

The tip stayed securely seated, even with repeated adjustments to the fan shape wings on the tip. And the spray pattern was overall on par with others guns we’ve used. We were able to do rough edging with minimal taping. But we would not do interior or exterior painting with this sprayer around “no-paint areas” without first taping/sealing off the areas not to be painted. The manufactures claims of almost no overspray were slightly exaggerated. The following picture shows overspray with 1 in. painter’s tape but even 2 in. would have left overspray lines.

Also of note, even with a heavier viscosity exterior water-based latex paint, the tip resisted clogging as well as any spray tip we’ve used. This likely helped limit drips as compared to a thinner viscosity paint. This was an important test factor as other airless paint sprayers can often clog more easily with heavier viscosity paint. There was some paint drippage around the tip likely due to an imperfect seal. Once we removed the tip and reseated it, we encountered minimal paint leaks.

Ergonomics & Design Features

The integrated stand worked great. It easily fit a smaller 1-gallon paint can as well as a 5-gallon bucket. It was easy to move around as needed with the wheels. Plus, the hose was long enough at 25 ft. that we didn’t have to move it too often.

The knobs were conveniently located and well-shaped so that even if we had some paint on our hands, we were still able to easily see, grip, and adjust them. They were well marked. There is a twist-knob to adjust the pressure and a separate lever-knob to switch between priming and spraying actions. The initial priming action also requires you to press a prime button on the bottom of the unit which was less conveniently located.

The MaxPray M3 airless spray gun is a standard design. The trigger pull pressure was comfortable throughout our extended use. This can make a difference if you are using the gun for large area surfaces i.e. exterior walls. It was also very light with a comfortable shaped 4-finger tang that was easy to grip. It has the integrated top-located hanging hook as well as side mounted safety switch. The switch is a rotational vs. lever-based switch which makes it a little trickier to work with just your thumb. The spring-designed hose swivel was smooth and allowed for easy automatic positional adjustment of the hose as we moved around the painting area.

Ease of Clean Up

One of the highlight features of the MaXpray was definitely the Flush-Ease adapter valve. It allows you to hook the intake tube directly to a hose for a faster and easier clean up. Typically clean up requires multiple, dedicated clean-water buckets and a dirty flush bucket. It was pretty simple to hook up and worked well. We did note though that connecting and disconnecting the fitting would be much improved if a swivel action (vs. hose clamp) was integrated. This would allow for twist-free hose manipulation. It would also likely extend the connector life. But having it as designed is still a nice added benefit and much appreciated at clean up time.

The MaXpray also includes a reversible tip to help automate the nozzle clearing action. When combined with the clean setting (which decreases the spray velocity) it allows water to pass from the smaller to larger nozzle opening. This means the water can clean the outside edges of the tip too. It is also much faster (and cleaner) than either having to soak the tip or use a brush to scrub it out after each use. The tip made of stainless steel, so we were less concerned about water-based cleaning introducing rust and decreasing spray tip longevity. But at $11 it’s not a big deal and tips are planned consumables on our job sites, so we keep spares handy regardless.

Final Thoughts | InoKraft MaXpray M3 Airless Paint Sprayer

It’s hard to find any major faults with the InoKraft MaXpray paint sprayer that aren’t common to all airless sprayers. At $350 it’s a very reasonably priced unit. The finish is smooth and the pressure regulation worked great throughout all our tests. We also appreciated the Flush-Ease valve which made clean up much easier despite our note that a swiveling connector would be an appreciated design improvement over the hose clamp currently used. The stand worked well and the overall lightweight and well-swiveling hose made repositioning painless. Lastly the gun was easy to adjust with a satisfactorily tight spray pattern for a wide variety of finish applications. If you are in the market for an entry level airless paint sprayer with high upside, then the InoKraft MaXpray is a great option!

InoKraft MaXpray Paint Sprayer Video Review

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