New Greenworks Commercial Factory in TN, USA

Greenworks Commercial Opens New TN, USA Production Facility

Greenworks Commercial has made a major shift, and it’s a shift that should excite lawncare professionals. They established their first US-based manufacturing facility in Morristown, TN. The facility boasts cutting-edge technology to produce cutting-edge, battery-powered consumer and commercials grade riding mowers. What does this mean? Increased production and availability for some of the best commercial mowers available. These include the industry-leading OptimusZ line (82V zero turn and stand-on) as well as the 60V and 80V line-ups of zero-turn and wheel-designed riding mowers.

The facility currently includes about 80% vertical production capabilities. This means that they produce many components and complete a large portion of fabrication and assembly steps in-house. Vertical production allows for costs to be better controlled and timelines to be streamlined and optimized.

The Morristown, TN facility includes automated deck and frame welding areas, a 1/2 mile powder coating line, 3 autonomous vehicle-assisted assembly lines, and 2 performance and design evaluation lines. There is a designated warehouse area as well as an outdoor testing and evaluation track.

Future plans for 2023-2024 include the installation of advanced plastic injection molding equipment. This will allow for increased vertical production as custom-designed plastic components will be created in-house. In addition, Greenworks is also planning to add a battery packing section to the facility. This will allow for raw battery components to be assembled into a finished battery on-site.

As you’ve come to expect, we are dedicated to providing you with the best reviews on new Greenworks mowers and power equipment. Check out our TBB in-depth review of the Greenworks CRZ428 mower here. This is one of the flagship mowers soon to be produced in this facility.

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