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KLEIN Large Cable Strippers 21050 and 21051 Review

Klein has two cable stripping models designed for removing insulation, for eight commonly used sizes of cable.  Each tool is designed to handle four sizes of cables.

Klein 21050 Stripper:

Designed to handle the larger sizings of cable, most often used in commercial applications. Sizes 350, 500, 600 and 750 MCM cable.

The Klein 21051 Stripper:

Designed to handle the smaller sizings of large cables, often used in both residential and commercial applications. Sizes 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 and 240 MCM cable.

Both tools are similar in construct, varying only slightly in their sizing for the cable that can be stripped. Insulation from both aluminum and copper cable may be stripped by the tools.

Cast Aluminum Body

A fully one piece cast aluminum body with powder metal blades attached with robust fasteners. The strippers weigh in at just over 1 lb. each and have the feeling of being bomb-proof.

The metal blades that are responsible for cutting into the cable insulation are sharp, sharp, sharp. Even in cool and cold weather these blades will have the insulation fly off the wire core. And, when blades finally dull, they are easily replaceable with new. Just loosen the screw holding the blade to the body and fasten in a new one.

Problem Solving Tool

The task of stripping insulation away from a large cable is not easy. Additionally, it is tedious work when needed to be performed multiple times. Traditionally, a lineman’s skinning knife or a utility knife is used for this operation.

With the use of the Klein Large Cable Stripper quick work can be made of this mundane task. Simply inserting the end of a cable into the appropriately sized hole opening of the stripper and rotating the tool engages the interior blade to precisely cut and remove the insulation. A small or large amount of insulation material can easily be cut from the wire.

Using the Klein Cable Strippers

Playing with the strippers with various size cables revealed that these two tools are incredibly easy to use, and help to increase speed and accuracy. For a one inch strip to a three foot strip, the process is basically the same. Insert cable and twist the cable. The opening for the cable is has a  snug fit with just a little play. There is no binding at all.

To get going, all that one does is rotate the tool and the blade precisely engages the insulation on the cable. It slices and separates the material from the wire underneath. You are left with a perfect, unscratched copper or aluminum core.

For my preferences, I like to measure and score the cable prior to using the stripper. If a two inch removal of insulation is required, I take my knife and score round at the desire location. Once the stripper gets to that point it is easy to see, stop the work and discard the insulation that is falling away. Perfect quality stripped cable ready to be used.


Both the 21050 and the 21051 retail for about $49.00 each.

Overall Impression

A simple tool for a specific task, done easy, what more could you ask for? The Klein Large Cable Strippers are just what is needed to save time and effort when dealing with large cables. I loved using these strippers for their speed, precision and efficiency. No downsides or problems with these tools at all. A total winner for anyone involving themself in anything more than an occasional need for stripping insulation from large cable.

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