Milwaukee M12 FUEL Oscillating Multi-tool Review

Milwaukee M12 FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool 2526-21

Milwaukee M12 FUEL Multitool

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 2526-21
Price: 219.00
Power source: 12 volt
Motor size: Brushless 1200 rpm
Weight: 2 lbs
The Oscillating Multi-Tool [OMT] has changed the carpentry industry with it’s the ability to quickly and accurately make cuts that in the past required tedious and meticulous use of utility knives, pull saws and chisels. When I think of how much time a multi-tool saves me, I just shake my head. This review focuses on the all new and updated Milwaukee M12 FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool, Model 2526.

The multi-tool is often the perfect choice for mid-span cuts, tight spaces and tough cuts. It’s become a problem solver for us in remodeling and now that cordless models are out – they’re even more convenient and have quickly become a go-to tool for many carpenters and remodelers.

Milwaukee tool recently updated their M12 multi-tool, this next generation saw has some upgrades. It’s now called M12 FUEL and it comes with a brushless motor, less vibration and better features.

M12 FUEL Multi-Tool 2526-21XC Specifications

  • Model: M12: 2526-21XC (2526-20 for bare tool)
  • Oscillation Angle: 9 Degrees
  • OPM Highest Setting: 20,000 OPM
  • OPM Lowest Setting: 10,000 OPM
  • Length: 2” (tool-only)
  • Weight: 2 lbs with battery
  • Features: LED Light, Tool-Free Blade Change

Brushless Motor

The Milwaukee FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool brushless motor makes this new tool more powerful. This tool has a 3.9-degree oscillation angle, which Milwaukee found offers a sweet spot between aggressive cutting and less vibration.

Favorite Features

Having a variable speed lets you “set and forget,” the speed so you can turn on the tool, and focus on making that precise cut.

This new multi-tool has a 12-speed dial, ranging from 10,000- 20,0000 strokes per minute. The M12 FUEL is an aggressive cutter and I  found that I don’t need to dial it higher than 4 to get the cutting speed and precision I need.

New Housing Look

The newer M12 FUEL has a slim handle, slightly different blade release lever, and a power switch lower and more recessed on the tool. I’m assuming this was done to keep the grip area of the tool more comfortable [added rubber over-mold]  The blade change lever has a fast and easy tool-free blade change.

WAY Less Vibration

With regard to important features power and speed of cut come to mind. Milwaukee significantly reduced the tool vibration on this tool, and you can feel it. The vibration was reduced by adding foam blocks to the motor to separate the housing from the motor.  This vibration dampening system was designed to reduce vibration over the entire tool, not just the handle.

Using the Milwaukee FUEL Multi-Tool

We used the M12 Milwaukee FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool for several weeks, on multiple projects.  Some of the applications involved cutting back old plank and oak flooring to fit a marble bathroom threshold. We later used the M12 OMT to cut back trim and extension jambs on a tongue and groove bead board project. Lastly, we used the Milwaukee M12 FUEL MultiTool to finish cuts in floor joists and clean up nails in preparation for a flush-beam installation.

How Much and Where To Buy?

This tool is currently available at The Home Depot for $219 (at the time of this publication). See link below.


Milwaukee FUEL Multi-Tool – Overall Impression

The new Milwaukee FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool really “gets after it!  It has WAY more power, is faster cutting, and does it’s job with less vibration than the previous version. That’s a win all day long in my book!

Milwaukee’s new M12 multi-tool now joins a cordless system that is now the largest sub-compact system on the market, they focus on delivering Pros with the right tool for the right application.



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