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Robert Robillard and Todd Fratzel from Tool Box Buzz

Robert Robillard (Left) & Todd Fratzel (Right)

Who is behind “ON THE LEVEL” Newsletter?

My name is Robert Robillard and I’m one of the owners for several websites that cover the tool industry, construction, and remodeling. In addition to helping publish these websites I also own a remodeling company. My business partner Todd Fratzel who also helps publish these sites is also a full time contractor who runs a large residential and commercial design-build general contracting company. Between the two of us we own three websites including:

Both Todd and I actively build and work on jobsites and offer our readers thoughts and experiences from real jobsites.  Not many publishers in our industry can offer the real job access that both of us have which we feel sets us apart from much of our competition.

New Newsletter Format

This NEW newsletter format and design has been a long time coming and we’re happy to finally send it out! If you’re a bit confused please take a minute to hear us out so we can explain what we’re up to.

Many of you have been loyal subscribers to Rob’s – Concord Carpenter newsletter, and many of you have been loyal subscribers to Todd’s – Home Construction Improvement / Tool Box Buzz newsletter. Some of you have been subscribers to both of our newsletters. Well we’re about to make things much simpler for some of you, and we hope more valuable for others.

Rob and Todd have joined forces over at and decided that having a joint newsletter would allow us to better serve all of our readers. You’ll get two PRO’s wrapped up into one newsletter along with content from some of our other PRO’s that write for us. The best part is it comes in one newsletter not two. In our book, less email is a good thing!


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