BORA PM-1000 Universal Mobile Base

BORA PM-1000 Mobile Base Review

I’ve always been a huge proponent of working efficiently. Working efficiently in residential construction means preparing and setting up a job site to run smoothly, methodically and efficiently prior to the job starting. That principle applies the the workshop as well, especial a SMALL workshop space.  The BORA PM-1000 universal base has allowed me to do that.

Design Your Shop to Be Mobile

Consider organizing your tools in the way you use them, and put all of your tools on mobile bases. When a tool is NOT in use you push it to the wall, out of the way for storage. When needed you roll it out, hook up your dust collection and go to work.

I’ve been using PM-1000 universal mobile bases in my shop for several years. The PM-1000 allows me to move machines that weigh hundreds of pounds, out of the way, saving me valuable shop floor space. It allows me to have more tools that would fit in my shop because I can roll them out of the way, and store them against a wall when NOT in use. Its a game changer!

BORA PM-1000 Universal Mobile Bases Are Designed for BIG Tools

I use the Bora PM-1000 universal mobile base on any large, heavy tool that I can, but their designed for heavy tools.

Tools like:

  • Table saw
  • Band saws
  • Drill presses
  • Jointer
  • Planer
  • Sander
  • Cabinets

BORA PM-100 Universal Base  – Easily expands

The PM-1000 can be adjusted in one inch increments to fit almost any machine. It has a base range of 14×14 to 31×31 (inches) square, to rectangles measuring up to 14×43 (inches).

Locking foot levers

The Bora PM-1000 universal mobile base has two “quick press” levers that you operate with with your foot. The levers make allow you to lock the tool in a fully stable position, or allow it to be easily rolled around. These levers work well and the 3-inch hard rubber wheels roll nicely.

Low Profile

The base has a weight capacity of 400 lbs., and is constructed of powder coated steel. Once a tool is installed on the base it raises that tool by approximately 1-inch in height.

Bora PM-1000 Universal Base  – Specifications

  • Universal mobile base for machines and equipment
  • Adjustable in 1-inch (2.54 cm) increments to fit a wide variety of machines
  • Adjusts from 12×12 to 32×32 inch (30×30 to 81×81 cm) square
  • Adjusts up to 17×48 inch (43×122 cm) rectangle
  • Very low profile — increases machine height by less than 1 inch
  • Locking foot levers allow you to instantly go from stationary to mobile
  • 3-inch (7.6 cm) hard rubber wheels for easy gliding
  • 400-lb. (181 kg) weight capacity

How Much And Where To Buy

The Bora PM-1000 Universal Mobile Base is the easiest way to open up your workshop space for better productivity, improved organization, and increased safety. You can find it online here:

BORA PM-1000 Universal Mobile Base PM-1000

Re-Think How You Use Your Shop

Many of our tasks we do because, “that’s how we always did it.” You owe it to yourself  to look for better, faster, safe and more productive way to get your work done.  Re-thinking how you use your tools, and accomplish things in your shop can be easily done when your tools are mobile. The Bora PM-1000 universal base is one of those tools that can help you accomplish this.


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