New Rockwell Oscillating Tools Offer Universal Fit and Tool-Free Design

New Oscillating Tools Include Universal Fit™ and Hyperlock™ Tool-Free

It seems as though the race is on when it comes to oscillating multi-tools. Rockwell just announced some new features on their line-up of tools including Universal Fit™ allowing any brand of accessory to be used and Hyperlock™ Tool-Free design. Both of these new features are sure to please users as they are often the topic of debate among oscillating tool owners. The new features are being rolled out in October 2012. For more on this news please read the full press release below.

New Rockwell Oscillating Multi-Tools Raise Bar with Universtal Fit and Hyperlock Tool-Free Design

Charlotte, N.C. – Rockwell®, a pioneer of affordable oscillating multi-tools, has raised the bar again by providing innovative solutions to key design issues that continue to vex competitive brands. These major refinements include the industry’s first Universal Fit™ system that enables three new Sonicrafters®, as well as a Shop Series Sonictool™, to accept other brands’ accessories without adapters. In addition, a new assortment of Rockwell universal accessories is designed to fit competitive multi-tools.

The convenient new Hyperlock™ tool-free (quick-release) feature on two new Sonicrafters, RK5139K and RK5140K, provides one ton of clamping force to prevent slippage of blades and other accessories. This is the highest accessory clamping force on any tool-free oscillating tool. So no more stopped cuts because the blade slips in the tool.

“The exclusive Universal Fit system, plus the Hyperlock tool-free design on selected models, make the new Sonicrafters and Sonictool the most versatile and convenient oscillating multi-tools available to homeowners and professionals,” said Pete Denley, Rockwell product manager. “In light of our total commitment to the Universal Fit system, all previous Rockwell oscillating tool and accessory kits will be discontinued with the new program’s launch.”

Rockwell also has ramped up the amps in its new corded oscillating multi-tools, increasing their power and cutting efficiency. The Sonicrafter X2 (RK5140) leads the way with an increase from 2.3 to 3.0 amps. The Sonicrafter (RK5139) jumps from 2.3 to 2.5 amps and the Shop Series Sonictool increases from 2.0 to 2.3 amps.

Universal Fit Tools and Accessories

Most other oscillating multi-tool brands only accept their own proprietary accessories. So users are stuck with an expensive proprietary system or need to drive across town to buy the one and only brand of blades that fits on their tools. Some competitors offer adapters to help make their tools compatible with other brands, but the competitor’s adapters still don’t allow their tools to accept any brand of blade or accessory available.
The new Rockwell Universal Fit tools and accessories are a win-win. New Sonicrafters and Sonictool accept Universal Fit accessories, as well as prior-model Rockwell hex-shape accessories and competitive accessories.

Unlike other no-name brand “universal” blades, Rockwell Sonicrafter Universal Fit accessories are designed to fit all competitors’ oscillating tools. If you buy a Rockwell Sonicrafter blade, it will be able to fit on any multi-tool you own.

New Rockwell accessory blades feature a stepped profile for true flush-cutting applications, unlike flat blades that come up short. In addition, technical improvements made to the precision end-cut blades allow for over two times the life of previous precision end-cut blades.

Hyperlock Tool-Free Design

Since oscillating multi-tools accomplish a variety of jobs, accessories are changed frequently. With some multi-tools, a retaining bolt must be removed with an Allen key to make the swap. In contrast, Hyperlock tool-free design on selected Sonicrafter models takes seconds – simply release a top-mounted lever, switch accessories and press the lever back down.

Slippage is a crucial issue and common complaint. Some tool-free oscillating tools have inadequate holding power, which can cause accessories to slip and stop functioning while in the middle of a critical cut. These brands incorporate a series of small holes in the accessory that fit over indexing pins on the tool to help minimize slippage. However, the amount of friction exerted by conventional quick-release systems often is inadequate to prevent slippage and malfunctioning.

Sonicrafter’s Hyperlock tool-free design adds one ton of clamping force to the equation. Sonicrafter with Hyperlock has the strongest holding power of any tool-free oscillating tool, which secures accessories to keep them functioning smoothly.

New Multi-tool Models

Rockwell’s lineup of new oscillating tools, featuring the Universal Fit System, includes the following models:

Sonicrafter X2 (RK5140, $149)

  • The most powerful and fastest cutting Sonicrafter
  • 3.0 amp motor (compared to previous model’s 2.3 amp motor)
  • Hyperlock tool-free (quick-release) system
  • Constant speed control, which electronically maintains speed-of-cut under load.
  • Variable-speed dial for precise control
  • Oscillations per minute (OPM): 11,000-20,000
  • Oscillating angle (degrees): 3.2”
  • Weight: 3.30 lbs.
  • Cord length: 10 ft.
  • Nine (9) Universal Fit accessories include (1) 1-3/8” bi-metal end-cut blade, (1) 3-1/8” HSS semicircle saw blade, (1) rigid scraper blade, (1) sanding pad, (3) sanding sheets, (1) carbide semicircle (grout) blade and (1) Sonishear. Plus hard case.
  • Warranty: 2 yrs.

Sonicrafter (RK5139, $119)

  • 2.5 amp motor (compared to previous model’s 2.3 amp motor).
  • Hyperlock Tool-Free System
  • Variable speed dial for precise control
  • Oscillations per minute (OPM): 11,000-20,000
  • Oscillating angle (degrees): 3.2”
  • Weight: 3.60 lbs.
  • Cord length: 10 ft.
  • Seven (7) Universal Fit accessories include (1) 1-3/8” bi-metal end-cut blade, (1) 3-1/8” HSS semicircle saw blade, (1) rigid scraper blade, (1) sanding pad and (3) sanding sheets. Plus hard case
  • Warranty: 2 yrs.

Sonicrafter 12V Cordless (RK2522K2, $139)

  • 12V Lithium-ion battery
  • Variable speed dial for precise control
  • Integrated LED work light
  • Dust extraction adapter
  • Oscillations per minute (OPM): 5,000-20,000
  • Oscillating angle (degrees): 3.2”
  • Weight: 2.25 lbs. (with battery)
  • Twenty-seven (27) Accessories include (1) 1-1/8” standard wood end-cut blade, (1) 3/8” bi-metal end-cut blade, (1) 3-1/8” HSS semicircle saw blade, (1) rigid scraper blade, (1) sanding pad, (20) sanding sheets, (1) semicircle (grout) blade and (1) dust extraction adapter. Plus (1) Allen key (2) 12V LI batteries, (1) 30-min. charger and carrying bag
  • Warranty: 2 yrs.

Shop Series Sonictool (SS5120, $49)

  • 2.3 amp motor (Compared to previous model’s 2.0 amp motor)
  • Variable speed dial for precise control
  • Built-in dust extraction
  • Oscillations per minute (OPM): 11,000-20,000
  • Oscillating angle (degrees): 3.2”
  • Weight: 2.94 lbs.
  • Cord length: 7 ft.
  • Seven (7) accessories include (1) 1-3/8” standard wood end cut blade, (1) 3-1/8” HSS semicircle saw blade, (1) sanding pad, (3) sanding sheets, (1) dust extraction adapter. Plus (1) Allen key
  • Warranty: 2 yrs.

Rockwell has designed a new tool case for the new Sonicrafter X2 (RK51340) and Sonicrafter (RK5139K) and accessories. The compact, waterproof case features separate bulk storage areas for quick and easy access to the tool and accessories. Its rigid, durable construction provides ease of stacking and transport.

The new Rockwell Sonicrafter X2 (RK5140, $149), Sonicrafter (RK5139, $119), Sonicrafter 12V Cordless (RK2522K2, $139) and Shop Series Sonictool (SS5120, $49) will be available in October at and other websites, including Menards and Lowe’s, as well as regional hardware and home centers nationwide.

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