JET’s New 1221VS Woodworking Lathe

1221VS-DramaticBeautyLaVergne, TNJET’s new 1221VS Woodworking Lathe provides more control than other models in its class by incorporating three optimally designed speed ranges, including lower speeds for intricate, ornamental turnings.  The innovative mid-size lathe also features an enhanced control panel, exclusive ratchet belt system and forward/reverse without stopping.

The new lathe is powered by a 1 HP, 6 amp, single-phase motor that delivers variable spindle speeds ranging from 60 to 3600 rpm.  Three speed ranges are optimally designed to perform specific woodturning tasks.  The slow speed range (60 to 900 rpm) is ideal for intricate turnings, a middle range (110-1800 rpm) is great for sanding and finishing, and the high range (220 to 3600) is best for small diameter items and general woodturning.

“The lowest speed range, going all the way down to 60 rpm is something you just won’t find in competitive lathes of this size,” said Barry Schwaiger, Director of Product Development. “Turning at 60 rpm, but still having plenty of torque behind the lathe, allows you to perform tasks such as threading and ornamental work that you can’t do nearly as effectively on a machine that only goes down to 250 rpm.”

Belt changes are made quickly and easily with an innovative ratchet-style belt tension system on the 1221VS. The convenience of this new design makes it easy to configure the lathe for a wide range of turning projects.

“There’s been a rapid rise in the popularity of woodturning across the board,” says Joan Duvall, Director of Product Development – Wood.  “We know there are a lot of people looking for big-lathe capabilities in limited shop space, and the 1221VS provides a perfect solution for all of these needs.”

A digital spindle readout shows the exact rpm level for adjustment and fine-tuning.  The digital readout, on/off switch and forward/reverse switch are conveniently located on a control panel, located directly beneath the tailstock.

The lathe headstock features 24 integrated indexing positions. There is a spring-loaded spindle lock to facilitate work piece changes. The tailstock has an Acme thread and a through hole for drilling.

JET has partnered with the American Association of Woodturners to offer a complimentary one-year electronic membership to the AAW organization for purchasers of the JET 1221VS Woodworking Lathe.  This offer is available for new members only, and for purchases through December 31, 2013.  These forms are available for end users to download at

The JET 1221VS lathe weighs 121 lbs. and measures 33-3/5 in. L x 11 in. W x 17-7/10 in. H. It provides 21 ½ in. working distance between centers and a 12-in. swing over the bed.  Its heavy-duty, cast iron bed, headstock and tailstock provide stability, while limiting vibration.  The bedway is precision-ground to allow smooth sliding of the tail stock and tool rest. Optional accessories include a lathe stand with wide feet for stability and storage basket, a 22 in. bed extension and an extension stand.

The JET 1221VS Woodworking Lathe is covered by a 5-year warranty, as well as JET RED AssuranceTM, the industry’s most dependable service and support guarantee.  Behind the RED Assurance stamp is 50 years of Reliability (unparalleled customer service and tech departments), Expertise (750 service centers in 50 states) and Dependability (ability to quickly access information on, including product manuals, specifications, images, catalogs and promotions).

Visit for more information or to locate a dealer for the JET 1221VS Woodworking Lathe (719200, $799.99), JET 1221VS Lathe Stand (719202, $348.00), JET 1221VS Lathe 22 in. Bed Extension (719201, $199.00) and JET 1221VS Lathe Extension Stand (719203. $107.00).

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