Weather Guard Truck Toolbox Review

Weather Guard 127-52-02LF Saddle Box With Integrated Lighting Review

In my opinion, Weather Guard makes the finest truck tool boxes on the market. From the high quality locks to the superb gas springs, I haven’t found a better box. Weather Guard has recently upped the ante with the new LED light kit that can be purchased with a new box or as a retrofit kit to light your current Weather Guard box.

To paraphrase my experience, this box kicks ass.


  • Style: Saddle Box
  • Approx. Product Height: 18.5in
  • Approx. Product Length: 71.5in
  • Approx. Product Width: 20.25in
  • Approx. Product Weight (lb): 87
  • Approx. Cu. Ft. Per Unit: 11.3
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Textured Matte Black
  • Powder Coat Finish: Yes
  • Key Alike: On Request
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime



Obviously, the main difference between this box and any other Weather Guard box is the lights. With over 600 lumens, these easily light up the entire box. As any contractor (or anyone that has ever had to dig around their tool box with a flashlight in their mouth) knows, this is a long overdue and welcome feature. The lights turn on automatically when the lid is opened and conversely, turn off when it is closed. Lastly, they are IP66 rated to withstand normal (read: tough as hell) job site conditions.


The locks on the 127-52-02LF Saddle Box are very well designed as well. Weather Guard says they are automotive style rotary latches, which basically means that they work well and are tough. When you unlock the box, a push “button” pops out and push it, opening the box a full 90°. When you want to lock it, you simply turn the key to lock and depress the “button” and it stays depressed, making it harder for potential thieves to tamper with.

Weather Seal

As with all Weather Guard boxes, close attention is paid to keeping the contents free of dust and moisture. A quality weather seal extends completely around the lid.

Sliding Tool Tray

Weather Guard has included a metal sliding tool tray to help with organization as well. While I decided not to use this, it is a nice addition that many will find helpful.

Level Brackets

Brackets are included that will hold a 4’ level. Again, I didn’t install these, but a lot of users will be glad they are included.

Load Handling Attachment Points

Convenient attachment points are located on the front of the box. While I wouldn’t consider these actual tie-down points, they are very useful for keeping unwanted items like paint buckets from moving around during transit.


Light Kit

Weather Guard claims you can install this in 30 minutes, and I personally believe that is pretty accurate. It really is a straight-forward process even for the electrically-challenged DIY’ers. For my application (Ford F-350), I used the fuse panel adapter kit. While I won’t go into every detail as every truck will be a little different, I will give a quick run-down of the process. Weather Guard includes instructions with the box to help with the process.

To begin, you simply locate a constant hot fuse. If you are unsure of how to do this, simply find the “Horn” fuse in your owner manual and use that.

Route the included wiring kit through a rubber grommet in your truck (the one I used was on the floor under the carpet), and into your fuse panel.

You then run the wiring along side your frame rails securing it occasionally with the included wire ties. When you get to the bed, feed the wire through the knockout grommet located on the back of your truck bed.

Once through, fish the wire through the grommet on the box and plug in. You can coil and tie the wire inside of the gas spring housing for a more professional installation.

Once you have the box wired, you plug in the adapter (which has a spot for the original fuse if you used an occupied location) into the desired fuse spot. Voila, you have light.

Truck Box

Weather Guard boxes have an extremely easy installation process. Included are Four (4) mounting brackets and hardware. These brackets attach under you bed rails so there are no holes to drill and are easy to remove if necessary. First, lay the rubber strips where the saddle box will make contact with you bed rails. This will provide a buffer for noise and any potential corrosion issues. You then feed the hardware through the mounting holes and tighten them to the brackets.

Using The Weather Guard 127-52-02LF Saddle Box

I have been using the Weather Guard 127-52-02LF Saddle Box With Integrated Lighting for several months now. I really wanted to put this through its paces as it is a fairly steep investment. To paraphrase my experience, this box kicks ass. The locks are extremely smooth and easy to operate. The gas springs are excellent and the lid opens and closes very smooth. Installation was a breeze and the extra thought put into things like housing around the springs, the tool tray and the handy attachment points is evident in overall user experience. The fit and finish is great as well and I wouldn’t hesitate installing it on the nicest of trucks. All of this is BEFORE you even talk about the lights, which are awesome. While this might seem trivial to some people, I have personally been blown away how handy they have been


Well, this box is damn near perfect. While I could try to find a gripe or two, I mostly think it would be nitpicking. The biggest issue I could find would be the price. While it is fairly steep, you will be putting much more valuable items IN the box, so protecting them shouldn’t be sacrificed.

Final Thoughts

Most contractors have many thousands invested in tools, and I believe, skimping on the storage of them is a mistake. Certainly there are more affordable options for truck boxes, but I feel you’d be hard pressed to find anything better than the Weather Guard 127-52-02LF Saddle Box With Integrated Lighting. The host of features and quality of build makes it definitely worth a look if you are in the market for a box.

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  1. JC

    Have you experienced issues with the black paint peeling on Weather Guard toolboxes?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      JC – Will reports zero issues with paint failure.

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