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UWS Crossover Truck Toolbox Review

UWS Crossover Truck Toolbox

Manufacturer: UWS Crossover Toolbox
Price: 450.00 to 780,00 spending on size
Power source:
Motor size:
Weight: 40 lbs.
The folks at Real Truck recently sent me their UWS Crossover Toolbox to install in my 2018 Chevy Colorado and review it.

First Impression

The toolbox was well packaged. Real Truck ships for free to 48 states and double boxes the toolbox to prevent damage. Once unpacked my very first impression was how light the box was.

The UWS Crossover Toolbox I installed was silver diamond plated and constructed from 0.058″” one-piece aluminum to keep out water and debris. This box weighs approximately 40 lbs. I easily carried it up, into my truck, and into its final resting position without assistance.

As light as this box was the lid was solid. The lid has a rigid foam core layered between two sheets of aluminum to increase the rigidity. The foam core prevents bending as well as warping, aiding in a smooth overall operation of the lid.

UWS Crossover Toolbox Features

  • Two built-in tool trays and screwdriver holders
  • Three-compartment plastic sliding tray
  • Foam-filled lid prevents bending or warping
  • Micro Seal lid gasket
  • Stainless steel key-lock handles for corrosion-resistant operation, two keys. The lid has two struts that self-open to 90 degrees.
  • Self-closing struts close the lid with minimal manual pull
  • Made in the USA

Using the UWS Crossover Toolbox

If you drive a truck, you know that space is a premium. I look at these toolboxes like I would a car trunk. Dry secure storage. I like that the toolbox provides a secure and dry storage option for me and still allows me to slide materials or store items, like my Milwaukee Packout box, underneath.


Installing the UWS Crossover Toolbox

The UWS Crossover Toolbox comes with decent installation instructions and two [2] j-bolts for mounting. It is designed to sit on top of the truck bed rails against the cab, but my truck has a TracRac system, so I needed to install it an inch off of the vertical rails to ensure the toolbox opened to 90 degrees.

To get the UWS toolbox to fit on my truck, I had to remove the TrackRac securing knobs. The knobs needed to be removed due to their taking up too much room, I needed something slimmer. As a field modification, I purchased two [2] stainless steel socket cap bolts to replace the large knobs. I also had to purchase longer j-bolts to pass through the TracRac rail system

I drilled two small holes through the TracRac rail and truck top rail to secure the box. Once I had the correct fasteners the entire installation took 20 minutes.

Using the UWS Crossover Toolbox

The weather over these past few weeks has dropped at least 4 inches of rain, some of it sideways. It was clear that the micro seal gasket inside the lid works well because the contents remained bone dry.

The UWS toolbox allows you to open the lid from either the driver or passenger side, via a connecting rod. The locking cylinder is located on the driver’s side and worked well but is not as robust as I’d prefer.


I tend to overpack my toolboxes and that can sometimes bind up the opening mechanism. To prevent this from happening the UWS Crossover Toolbox is enclosed behind a protective shroud to prevent bending or jamming of the opening/locking system.

Overall Impression

The UWS Crossover Toolbox can be purchased at RealTruck.com and depending on the model you can expect to pay $450.00 to $780.00

Overall, I think that the ease of ordering, free shipping, easy installation, and secure storage create a nice ROI. If you amortize $600 over six years that is $100 a year or $8.00 per month.

So, I look at it this way, you can continue to stuff tools in your truck’s cabin, or chance Mother Nature in the open bed or you can invest in a toolbox to keep your tools secure and dry.

Recommended! ROB

450.00 to 780,00 spending on size

UWS Crossover Truck Toolbox
450.00 to 780,00 spending on size

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