Milwaukee Bolsters PACKOUT Lineup

Milwaukee Tool Expands PACKOUT Tool Storage Offerings

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last three years (which is unlikely if you’re reading this), you’ve probably heard about the Milwaukee PACKOUT tool storage system. I think you all know that this is  the toughest tool storage system on the market, and Milwaukee is doing their best to also make it the most versatile. At their recent New Product Symposium, they introduced a few more options in this system which are slated to be released this year.


One of the first releases will be the PACKOUT Dolly. As with most PACKOUT storage options (soft-sided bags and coolers are not), the Dolly is constructed of an impact resistant polymer to allow heavy loads and withstand the beating they take in job site environment. In conjunction with the heavy-duty casters, the PACKOUT Dolly is capable of withstanding loads up to 250 pounds.

Milwaukee has outfitted the Dolly with their QUICKSTOP Loading Lever which allows the user to quickly hold it in place for loading and unloading.

I could see the Dolly being particularly useful for contractors working in environments where moving tools from room to room is commonplace.

The PACKOUT Dolly is the earliest available option which is to be released July of 2019.

PACKOUT Mounting Plate

Many current PACKOUT users have been clamoring for a mounting system. To satisfy the demand, Milwaukee has unveiled the PACKOUT Mounting Plate. This plate allows the user to securely mount and stabilize their PACKOUT boxes. With metal reinforced mounting and tie-down points, the PACKOUT Mounting Plate can hold boxes up to 50 pounds when mounted on a wall and 100 pounds on the floor.

I think this would be perfect for anyone who wants to keep their boxes from moving around in the back of a truck or to mount some boxes that are easy to access on the wall of your trailer or van.

These are slated to be released in August 2019.


How many of you still use milk crates on the job site? I, for one, use them all the time. I like to use them to carry random hand tools in that don’t necessarily need a dedicated tool box. Milwaukee has addressed this scenario with their new PACKOUT Crate.


With integrated weep holes, 50 pound capacity and the ability to be hung from the aforementioned PACKOUT Mounting Plate, these crates are sure to be a fan-favorite for current PACKOUT users and anyway looking for an easy-to-stack and durable alternative to milk crates.

Keep an eye out for these in November 2019.

PACKOUT Accessory Kits

While accessory kits that are housed in PACKOUT kits aren’t necessarily new, Milwaukee IS working on expanding the options available.  Milwaukee will be offering a 10 piece HOLE DOZER hole saw kit, a 9 piece BIG HAWG with carbide teeth kit and a 101 piece impact driver bit set, all of which will be housed in a PACKOUT box. These are set to be released throughout the year.

M18 PACKOUT Radio + Charger

Last but certainly not least, is Milwaukee’s M18 PACKOUT Radio + Charger. With 10 total speakers (2 subwoofers), Milwaukee boasts this radio will have the loudest volume and deepest bass on the market. The M18 PACKOUT Radio + Charger will be AC/DC capable and will also charge your M18 batteries when plugged in. Full PACKOUT capabilities will allow for easy transport to and from the job site.

Available in November 2019, the M18 PACKOUT Radio + Charger will set you back about $300.


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  1. Eric Diaz

    How can i become a tester for milwaukee products i electrician working in the hamptons all my tools are milwaukee i love milwaukee tools great for what i do and need everyday i just recently bought the packout system and want to keep adding to my collection any freebies that can be sent i would greatly aappreciated my name is eric diaz

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Eric – From time to time we get guys involved on our team to test products. But it’s a big commitment and far more than just getting some free tools. Guys who evaluate tools for us (and other major publications) have to use the tools on the job, keep notes, and then write pretty detailed unbiased reviews. They do it for many brands, not just one, and the tools they evaluate change from time to time depending on what the tool company is looking for exposure on. Often times most of the attention is on newly released tools. If this is something that interests you I’d say keep on reading our content, leaving comments, being engaged on our social media channels and we’ll reach out if opportunities arise.

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