Crescent Tradesman Tool Bags Review

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Crescent Tradesman Tool Bags Review

Crescent Tradesman Tool Bag & Backpack

Manufacturer: Crescent
Model number: CTB1710 & CTB1000
Price: $108.39-$114.02
Crescent is providing tough tool storage bags with their new line of Tradesman bags, which we take a look at in this review. I received the 17″ Tradesman Open Top tool Bag Model CTB1710 as well as the Tradesman Backpack Model CTB1000. With both bags, the rugged construction and modern approach to the pockets stood out immediately. It is clear that Crescent did their homework and figured out features that actual Tradesman would want out of a tool bag.

Belts Vs. Bags is an argument that the trades will probably have until the end of time. I have always found myself in the bags camp. Having come from the site work and heavy/civil side of construction, a belt just isn’t practical the majority of the time.

The Crescent Tradesman Model CTB171

Crescent Tool Bags Review

Features and Specifications

  • 17 Interior and 8 Exterior Pockets
  • Hard Polypropylene Base
  • Bright Orange Nylon Interior
  • Made From 16800 Polyester
  • Metal Handle W/ Foam Padding
  • Weight: 7.05 Lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 Year

The Crescent Tradesman Model CTB1000

Crescent Tool Bags

Features and Specifications

  • 4 Exterior Pockets and 34 Interior Pockets
  • Exterior Dedicated Tool Holders
  • Hard Polypropylene Base
  • Bright Orange Nylon Interior
  • Made From 16800 Polyester
  • Weight 8.0 Lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year on the Bag / 3 years for the Zippers

Outstanding Features of the Crescent Tradesman Bags

Tool Organization and Layout

Crescent Tradesman Tool Bags Review

There is nothing worse than working in a dark crawl space or basement and having to use a flashlight to search through the bottom of your tool bag for the right size screw or driver. Crescent filled the Tradesman line with dedicated tool organizer sleeves and pockets to help fix that. I was easily able to find a home for all of my daily use tools that was easy to retrieve and store. The bright orange interior material also provides an excellent contrast and makes it easy to identify your tools. This is very noticeable when working in dark or dimly lit areas.

Dedicated Tool Holders

Crescent Tradesman Tool Bags review

The Tradesman Backpack features some well thought out tool pockets on the exterior as well. Most notably a steel tape measure clip. This clip is reinforced and strong enough to keep your tape measure secure but also within easy reach. There is also a tape roll loop, several open pockets, and a water bottle pocket.

Rugged Construction

Crescent Tradesman Tool Bags Review

The rugged polypropylene base on both tool bags is wear and shock resistant. This protects any sensitive tools that you may be lugging in and out of the job site. It also keeps the backpack standing upright for easy access to both main pockets.

Crescent Tradesman Tool Bags Review

Magnetic Phone/Personal Items Pocket

Crescent Tradesman Tool Bags Review

Getting my personal items out of my pockets but keeping them within easy reach is a constant struggle. The Tradesman backpack offers a magnetic closure, fast access, folding pocket directly on the front of the bag. This is an excellent storage option for you phone, keys, wallet or any other personal items that may be poking you if left in your pants pockets.

Crescent Tradesman Tool Bags review

This easy access pocket may also make a good home for diagnostic tools or other dedicated tools that need to be kept handy.

Pricing and Availability

The 17″ Open Top bag as well as the Tradesman Backpack are both available now from Crescent Tools as well as online and in stocking stores. Our friends at Ohio Power Tool are currently stocking the full line of Crescent bag at their website. Follow the Buy it Now link below to view and purchase.

Crescent Tradesman Tool Bag & Backpack

The 17″ Open Top bag is available for $108.39 and the tradesman Backpack is available for $114.02. While this may seem expensive to many, I think that they represent a good value. These are dedicated and well thought out professional bags. They will outlast the generic store brand bags that are common on many job sites and offer features that are absolutely pro grade.

Overall Thoughts of the Crescent Tradesman Line

Crescent Tradesman Tool Bags Review

These bags are in a completely different league than the majority of tool storage bags on the market. They are spacious, rugged, and well thought out. I think back the the five gallon buckets and green canvas military surplus bags that my father used for tool storage and can’t help but laugh. Crescent has developed a rock solid lineup of tool storage bags with the Tradesman line.

I think anyone in the mechanical trades would benefit from any of the Crescent offerings. The Tradesman Backpack would be extremely well suited as a diagnostic or service call bag. The 17″ Open Top bag has become my dedicated trim work bag because I can fit my Milwaukee 18 Gauge Brad Nailer on one side and all my hand tools on the other. Additionally the tradesman Backpack would be a great option for anyone in the field doing surveying work or construction layout. It offers solid protection for delicate instruments while still providing fast access.

Check out the full lineup from Crescent for your tool storage needs.

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Wes Bartosik

Wes Bartosik is a Connecticut native with strong family ties to the construction world. Wes’ father and grandfather both were builders and developers and taught Wes the values of doing things right from an early age and getting hands on experience with every facet of the construction industry. Wes apprenticed with a carpenter throughout high school and would later attend Central Connecticut State University earning a bachelor’s degree in construction management all while working for a large excavation contractor throughout. Wes would go on to work for a local heavy-highway construction company and gain further experience with all the skilled trades associated with large civil engineering and utility projects. Though working as a manager now, Wes’ true passion is working in the field alongside the tradesman and laborers on site. Wes has been involved in community based service projects throughout his life as well as emergency services. In his spare time he takes on serious DIY projects for himself, friends and family. He is a firm believer that with a quality tool in your hands and some grit, you can accomplish anything.

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  1. Corey Moore

    Interesting, expanding into an area that’s basically Klein’s territory until you go top of the line to Veto. Their price point seems to indicate underbidding Klein, which if the quality is on par, I know a lot of guys who would be interested. Very cool to see a relatively small market expanding.

  2. Bob Channell

    I just bought the 14″ closed top bag for HVAC tech type work. I don’t often get all that excited about tool bags, because it seems they’re often designed by someone who’s never actually carried and used one. Well, this is the best bag I’ve used in a long time. Veto bags are too heavy. Klein and CLC bags are just not quite designed for HVAC work. This one is heaven for working on HVAC equipement, one side for most used hand tools and the other holds my meter and some more bulky tools all in a compact easy to use bag.
    I have only one gripe, and it was easily remedied. The flap open just so far because of a nylon web hinge on each one. While the hinge is the right width, the nylon is very strong and doesn’t allow the flaps to open the full swing. The web has a seam right down the middle and that makes it want to stay shut. I cut the web out of the hand tool flap and now it opens and stays where you put it, making it much easier to access tools. I left the web on the other flap to keep the depth so bulky stuff doesn’t fall out, but it would work fine with it cut too.
    Aside from that very minor quibble, this is a very, VERY well built, sturdy built bag that is a God send to us guys who work with tools.

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