Rousseau PortaMax 2745 Table Saw Stand

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Table Saw Stand

PortaMax Table Saw Stand

Manufacturer: Rousseau
Model number: 2745
Price: $323.99

My crew and I are all about efficiency and portability. The table saw is the cornerstone of our mobile carpentry work-site set up, and we wanted better safety and performance from our table saw.


Portable, Durable and Accurate – Does it exist?

We wanted something that would allow us to be portable, accurate and could stand up to the job-site environment.

Another table saw feature, that we wanted to make sure we had covered, was rip capacity. At a minimum we wanted to be able to rip 24-inches, which is a half sheet of plywood.


Rousseau Table Saw Stand

Our quest led us to Rousseau Company. Rousseau makes the Rousseau PortaMax 2745 Table Saw Stand which is designed to receive a table saw and create a full scale table saw set up with increased rip capacity and extension tables. The saw simply inserts into a table which gives you a larger tabletop an accurate, larger capacity fence system [27-inches].

Additionally there is an out-feed accessory table, which equates to an easier, safer and more productive sheet good handling and ripping applications.

Made in the USA

Designed and manufactured in the USA the Rousseau PortaMax 2745 Table Saw Stand is designed specifically with the mobile contractor in mind. The stand is powder coated black, is heavy-duty and folds together quickly.


Rousseau PortaMax 2745 Table Saw Stand Review

Based on our Dewalt table saw model DW745 [photo above] we selected the Rousseau PortaMax 2745 table saw stand which boasts the following features:

  • Full scale table saw setup
  • Quick set up and break down
  • Tube steel legs with locking hinge supports
  • Rip Capacity to 27”
  • 34½” Working height
  • Folded size: 4-1/2″ x 48-1/4″ x 28-1/4″
  • Set Up Size: 56″ x 27-1/4″
  • 49 lbs
  • HPL Pro Grade Laminate on both sides of top
  • Non-marking rubber feet
  • Powder Coated Steel Construction
  • Tape Measure and magnifying hairline indicator on fence system
  • Adjustable fence system [4 set screws]
  • Fits DeWalt Model DW745, DWE 7480 and Bosch GTS1031
  • Lifetime warranty


Fence System Features (Included)

The fence system is adjustable and highly Accurate Fence System

  • Constructed Of 2” Tubular Steel
  • Rigid 14” “T” With Secure Cam Locking System
  • 4 Set Screws to Align Fence with Blade & Table Top
  • Adjustable indicator with a magnifier


Using the Out-feed Table

Personally the out-feed table is a must if you’re investing in this system. The out-feed table eliminate the need for someone to catch a long board or using a roller.

It also gives you a space to assemble things if table top space on the site is limited.

Rousseau Out-feed Table, Model 2720

  • 18” x 45” Surface with HPL Pro Grade Laminate on both sides
  • Folds Flat
  • Positions Where Needed
  • Front Edge Is Slightly Lower Than Saw To Prevent Material Hang-Up


Using the Table System

Unfortunately in order to use this set up you will need to remove the Dewalt 745 rack-and-pinion fence that comes with the saw.

The table saw drops into the table cutout, and is supported by adjustable metal J-hooks.

In use, the Rousseau table has been great; rock-solid, and plenty of room for those wider cuts. The supplied fence is a simple affair, and works well without any slop.


Room for Improvement?

I’d like to challenge Rousseau to consider using a lighter weight metal in their newer generations. Shaving weight off this 49-pound stand would certainly increase its appeal.

The leg pins and folding arm is difficult to open and close, maybe install some sort of a “cam lever” to reduce time and effort on this task. I really like the levers that Dewalt uses on their DWX725B heavy duty work stand.

We has some issue when we first for the stand with fitting the table saw into the stand and onto the j-clips.

We would like to see j-clips mounting system improved. The j-clip fit, finish and operation need to be made easier. We had to modify two j-clips with a grinder in order to get the saw fitting to our satisfaction. I will say once we made out adjustments, dropping the saw in the table cutout is easy and flawless.



Being able to take a small, portable saw and transform it into a accurate, safe, full scale table saw setup, with minimal effort and time is invaluable. Additionally being able to break down the unit into a footprint that doesn’t take up much space in the van, or trailer is a game changer.

How Much and Where To Buy?

PortaMax Table Saw Stand



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