Dewalt ToughSystem Radio and Charger DWST08810

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Dewalt ToughSystem Radio and Charger DWST08810

Manufacturer: Dewalt
Model number: DWST08810
Price: 199.99
Power source: AC/DC [12v or 20v]
Weight: 15.95

Dewalt ToughSystem Radio and Charger DWST08810 Review

We recently took a look at the Dewalt ToughSystem Radio and Charger DWST08810.  This radio was specifically designed as a part of the ToughSystem modular storage system. The ToughSystem, is an amazing tool storage and transport system and solution for pros who work outdoors and in tough conditions.

The system mixes and matches these durable tool boxes using the ToughSystem® Workshop Racking System and ToughSystem®DS Carrier.

So I’ll start by saying that this radio charger is NOT for everyone and if your not using the ToughSystem, I’m not sure its worth the investment.

Research has shown that the key to becoming better organized on the job site is through the use of modular organizers. The ToughSystem is designed to allow for better and more secure storage, better organization and much easier mobility from one job site to the next.

Radio and Charger

The Dewalt ToughSystem Radio and Charger DWST08810 measures 14-1/2” x 21-1/8” x 6-1/8” and weighs almost 16- pounds. It’s designed to be stacked to other ToughSystem modules or ToughSystem Carrier cart.

It’s heavy!

It runs off of AC or DC power and will also charge Dewalt 12 volt and 20 volt batteries.  The battery charger is rated as a 1A output and will take 90 to 300 minutes to charge your battery.

In my opinion this is less of a battery charger and more of a trickle charger for a dedicated battery, to operate this radio in a cordless operation.

When issuing a 20 volt, 2 Ah battery you can run this tool, cordless, all day. [8-hours]

The battery charging compartment is located on the rear of the radio and while it can be accessed while on the ToughSytem cart, it is awkward.

The radio has Bluetooth connectivity to any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or music device up to 100 feet. We found that the 100-foot rating is line of sight, no obstructions.

Dewalt ToughSystem Radio and Charger Sound Quality

The sound quality of this radio is amazing, absolutely amazing! It has crisp, clear sound both through the radio, or through Bluetooth.

Dewalt achieved this amazing sound quality by using a 40 watt, class D amplifier, digital sound processor, 4 Full range tweeters, a subwoofer and assisted bass resonator.

Dewalt DWST08810 Features

The top of the Dewalt ToughSystem Radio and Charger DWST08810 has a sealed compartment that requires two hands to open – its awkward to operate, to say the least. Inside this compartment there is storage room for the 24V/2A charging cord, and also an area approx. 5-3/8” x 4” x 1” deep perfect for cell phones or other items.

Also in this compartment is a 3.5mm Aux. Input, and a 5V/1A USB charger. I will note that this USP port is underpowered and slow for many iPhones. Androids will be fine.


The radio charger is IP54 Rated for water and dust resistance. All of the compartments have rubber seals and clip securely closed.

Radio Reception

We found the radio reception excellent, except when in my basement shop. One thing I did not like is that you cant use the pre-set numbers to punch in your radio station. You either have to use the manual dial knob or auto-scan.

Dewalt Tough System Radio and Charger DWST08810 Features

  • 4 Full range tweeters + 1 Subwoofer +1 Assisted bass resonator
  • Charging capability – built-in charger by charging Dewalt 12V and 20V batteries
  • IP54 Rated for water and dust resistance
  • Connectivity to Bluetooth
  • 3.5mm Aux. Input,
  • 5V/1A USB charger
  • AC/DC – 12v or 20 volt battery power.
  • Weight 15.95 LBS
  • Dimensions 14-1/2” x 21-1/8” x 6-1/8”

Improvements to the Dewalt DWST08810

The first thing I noticed was the size and weight. Again, in my opinion, this radio charger is perfect if your using the ToughSystem cart, but terrible as a small job site radio.

I noticed that holding power bottom for on/off seems long, not sure why.

As I mentioned above the top storage compartment is awkward to open/close, but I liked the cord storage capability.

I’m never happy when tool companies provide a tool with a power cord that is slightly better than a phone charger cord. Dewalt knows better and needs to either put a pig tail cord or a recessed plug and let us attach an extension cord to it.

We’d like to see faster, better battery charge and USB output charging, hell maybe even add an outlet plug or two.

The battery compartment does NOT have a battery lock like Dewalt chargers. This results in a lot of slop between the battery terminals and charging port. Dewalt addressed this by attaching a piece of foam to the battery cover. The foam works well but as I say, your only as good as your weakest link. How long will the adhesive on that foam last?

We found that the foam compresses and develops a memory. Now what? My guess is that the radio will get bumped, and the battery will lose connection, which wipes out the radio channel memory.

Is the Dewalt ToughSystem Radio and Charger Worth It?

For me I’m all about being efficient and but also consider size, weight and easy of transport. I don’t use the ToughSystem in my remodeling operations, so this radio charger doesn’t work for me.

If you’re using the ToughSystem, then there is no finer sounding jobsite radio out there for $199.00, and this is a perfect fit for you.

Dewalt ToughSystem Radio and Charger DWST08810 Video Review


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  1. Brent

    Hi there! Thanks for the review. One question I have coming from other dewalt stereos that have USB ports is that the USB port is not powered If running off a battery. Do you know if this one has the ability to charge a phone via USB when operating off a battery pack?

  2. Brent

    Yes it will charge through the USB, off battery power as well as plugged in! This unit is amazing, and I completely disagree with Rob as I believe this is an excellent radio for job site, campsite, or anywhere else you want some incredible sounding, power efficient wireless tunes. As far as the long hold on the power button I believe it’s to prevent accidental power offs if your adjusting with gloves on. I’m surprised this unit hasn’t crossed over into the box electronics retailer market like Best Buy and such as the Dewalt destroys any other item of its kind in this price range. I’ll agree with Rob that this thing is heavy, but I actually LOVE that I can carry it by the handle just like my old school “boom box” from the 80’s! I have a Klipsch and Harmon Kardon portable as well but they aren’t half as loud or clean and one takes D batteries while the other has a TERRIBLE battery life. If you’re even looking at the Dewalt toughsytem radio just buy it, you won’t regret it.

  3. Josh Barsell

    Where do I buy a new cord for it? Mine stopped working.

  4. Tyson

    Frustrates me!!! It is louder and sounds better when plugged in versus off of a battery. Other than that, it is great stereo, have had mine for 2 years.

    1. Alfredo Anthony Gallo

      The radio is great but only had it for 3 months and I’m using only battery’s to operate the radio since when I plug it in with the power cord it seems to not work, can’t charge battery’s or anything! What could be the issue can the power cord be defective?

  5. Chelsea norton

    Cant run off the plug in anymore. Only the battery. Annoying…had it for 6 months and having problems. Wasnt cheap, but acting cheap! Maybe needs a new plug in ??

    1. customer service? New plug would be the 1st step for me in trouble shooting

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