DEWALT Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker DCR010

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DEWALT Jobsite Speaker Review

DEWALT Bluetooth Jobsite Speaker DCR010

Manufacturer: DEWALT
Model number: DCR010
Price: $99
Power source: Cordless or 110V corded
Motor size: 12V/20V
Weight: 3.97 Lbs
We recently got our hands on DEWALT Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker DCR010 and put it to the test.  We looked at the overall speaker design, connectivity, operational range, power options, and other features.  This is a relatively inexpensive (Lowe’s, $99), compact, tough speaker that delivers a great balance of performance and tailored features.

DEWALT Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker DCR010 Features

  • Speakers and Bass reflex port combine for rich sounds
  • Dual power options with 120V AC plug-in or 12/20V DEWALT MAX or FLEXVOLT batteries
  • Connectivity to Bluetooth up to 100ft
  • 3.5mm Aux. Input
  • Integrated Phone stand
  • 5V/1A USB charger
  • Weight 3.97 LBS
  • Dimensions 4.06 x 8.56 x 5.81 inches

DEWALT Speaker and Charger Design

The DEWALT Jobsite Bluetooth Speaker DCR010 measures 4.06 x 8.56 x 5.81 inches and weighs a mere 3.97 pounds. It’s designed to be ultra-portable and dual purposed to charge a USB device while delivering great sound to make the workday that much better.  It delivered quite well on those promises.

The buttons are front, top-mounted and rubberized to give dust and water resistance for increased job site functionality.  DEWALT designed them slightly larger than average which worked great when I wanted to adjust volume while wearing work gloves.

The next design feature I appreciated was the integrated phone holder on the handle.  This was convenient for a couple of reasons.  First, it got my hone off the work surface where it is much more susceptible to damage from spills or scratching.  It also made it easier to see from across the shop.  Lastly, it makes for easy access to the USB charger.

As mentioned above, the DEWALT Jobsite speaker DCR010 has a built-in 5V USB charging port.  It also has a 3.5mm audio-in jack so you can connect a non-Bluetooth enabled device if desired.  Both of these ports are covered by a protective rubber dust cover.  The dust cover fits into the recessed mold and held securely in place even while packing up and moving the speaker.

DEWALT Speaker Sound Quality

The sound quality of this radio is great.  The music was crisp, clear, and surprisingly loud! It has a crisp, clear sound both through the radio or through Bluetooth.  DEWALT achieved this amazing sound quality by using dual full-range 76mm drivers with active sound amplification via the integrated amplifier.  I didn’t need to raise the volume over 75% but with louder tools going the extra volume would definitely come in handy.

Power Options and Performance

One of my favorite features about the DEWALT DCR010 Jobsite Speaker is the dual power options.  First, you can run the speaker off of a 12V or 20V MAX or FLEXVOLT battery pack.  If you decide to dedicate all your batteries to necessary tools and have a power option at the job site/in the shop, then you can plug the DEWALT DCR010 directly into a standard 110V outlet. When using a 20-volt MAX, 2 Ah battery you can run this tool, cordless, all day. I got approximately 9 hrs 15 mins of playback time on my 2Ah battery with the volume at approximately 60%.

DEWALT DCR010 Bluetooth Connectivity

The Bluetooth pairing on DEWALT’s DCR010 speaker is extremely simple.  First, turn on the speaker’s power and then press and hold the Bluetooth button.  Once the blue light starts blinking you can search for the DCR010 on your phone and choose the pair option.  After that, just turn on the speaker with your phone’s Bluetooth enabled and it will auto-pair.  I had zero Bluetooth connectivity issues when using the DCR010 speaker.  But my favorite part?

The 100ft Bluetooth range actually ended up being close to 110ft when I measured it out!  But that was without obstruction in the line of sight.  With basic light interior walls, the max range was closer to 80-85 ft.  Not that I needed that much range when in my workshop, but on an open job site, this range may come in a bit handier.

DEWALT DCR010 Jobsite Speaker Final Thoughts

The DEWALT Bluetooth Jobsite Speaker DCR010 is a great Bluetooth speaker with easy pairing, great, loud sound, and efficient battery usage.  It is lightweight and rugged at the same time.  For a low price of $99 at Lowe’s, it is a good value.  But there were a few recommendations that could take it from very good to excellent.

The first thing I noticed was the mounting holes were awkwardly placed on the bottom of the speaker.  If the mounting holes were used with the speaker facing up then the buttons would still be visible due to the angle they are mounted on.  I understand why DEWALT did this; so you can mount the DCR010 speaker and still have access to the battery/power face. But it feels like an afterthought for a speaker that I would not see a reason to mount.

I also would have liked DEWALT to make the DCR010 Jobsite Speaker double as a battery charger when using the 110V power option.  This would have further expanded the utility of the speaker on the job site.  Instead the 110V power cable mounts in the middle of the battery mounting terminal.

The last thing DEWALT could have added to this speaker would have been an integrated FM radio.  With inputs options of Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack, there are still a plethora of options, but if your input device breaks then you are out of luck.  An FM radio could have given you one more input option, but that was clearly a conscious design choice by DEWALT.  It is an excellent speaker, just not a radio.  And that was fine by me!

DEWALT Bluetooth Jobsite Speaker DCR010

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  1. Gary Aich

    I’m going to chime in and say the sound quality is fair. Saying it’s “great” is a stretch.

    I wish there had been a compartment for the cord to be stashed. Right now, i don’t know where mine is.

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