PORTER-CABLE® Jobsite Radio / Charger Review

PORTER-CABLE® PC18JR 18V Cordless/120V Corded Jobsite Radio

Earlier this year Porter-Cable announced their new 18V Cordless/120V Jobsite Radio. They recently sent us this new radio to play around with and below are our thoughts on this latest addition to their 18V line-up.

Porter-Cable PC18JR Features

  • Full protective roll cage and a flexible antenna.
  • Weather resistant premium stereo speakers designed to withstand outdoor conditions and provide clear sound quality over jobsite background noise.
  • Backlit clock and a digital tuner so professionals can choose stations at-a-glance from 10 FM and 10 AM presets.equipped with a
  • 3.5 millimeter auxiliary input to work with external MP3 and CD players.
  • Operates on Lithium and NiCd PORTER-CABLE 18V System batteries, or with 120V mains power.
  • Operating with 120 Volt mains power activates the two 120V AC outlets to provide additional outlets for other corded tools on the site.

Our Review

This year has seen plenty of jobsite radios and the Porter-Cable PC18JR is another quality entry. Every jobsite that we’re working on has multiple radios blasting away with music wars. The common theme though is everyone keeping batteries charged while enjoying their favorite tunes.

The PC18JR comes with all the features that are desired today along with a really nice heavy-duty power cord. Overall I was really impressed with the quality of the music, ease of operation and the rugged appearance. While the plastic role cage may look too flimsy I thought it was very strong and well designed (I even stood on top of it without breaking it and I’m a big guy!)

If I had to point out one feature that would be nice to add it would be some type of sensor light or indicator showing the status of the battery charger.

Overall I really like this radio and if you own Porter-Cable 18 Volt batteries then this radio is a great accessory. The radio will be available this October at Lowe’s.

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  1. Is the porter cable radio a charger also ? Doesn’t say so on the box

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Yes it is.

      1. patrick

        no this radio is not a battery charger.i have this radio, it will run off batteries but it will not charge them. that would be a great addition to this radio though.

    2. Well all of the different opinions I have the radio and now I am not sure if it does charge batteries or not! So it is very expensive to buy the rradio then look and see you have to buy a battery AND THEN A CHARGER!! Tell me why that shouldn’t be on the box. I could have bought just one box of a different type! Not to try and figure out this shit!! But it looks great!

  2. Danny Dupler

    The 120v will not work off the batter either. What a waste is that. Dissappointed

  3. Cheryl Yando

    Mine has no sound, but it powers on because display lights up. Battery is charged, tried plugging in too. No sound. No static. Nothing. Advice?

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