LENOX Contractor’s Big Daddy 26PC Hole Saw Kit

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LENOX Contractor’s BIG DADDY Speed Slot Hole Saw Kit

LENOX Contractor's Big Daddy Hole Saw Kit

Manufacturer: LENOX
Model number: 308042000G
Price: $299.99
Weight: 11.59lbs
LENOX Tools is a brand of hand tools, power tool accessories, and industrial band saw blades made in the United States. Saw blades, utility knives, snips, and other cutting instruments are the company’s main products. LENOX, formally known as the American Saw and Manufacturing Company was created in 1915 by ten people to manufacture hacksaw blades. American Saw was bought out by a firm called Newell Rubbermaid in 2003. In 2017, Stanley Black & Decker bought the East Longmeadow, Massachusetts-based company, and is still currently its parent company. LENOX has over a century of cutting expertise, delivering solutions that make us tradesmen more productive. LENOX has continued to lead the way in the bi-metal hole saw category and has some awesome hole saw kits. Let’s take a closer look at the LENOX Contractor’s BIG DADDY Speed Slot Hole Saw Kit

Tool Box Buzz has had a long relationship with LENOX Tools. They have sponsored some of our cutting needs during our head to heads. One of the big ones was the Jig Saw Head To Head.

LENOX Big Daddy’s Hole Saw Kit Components

The LENOX Big Daddy Hole Saw kit comes with the following

  • ¾”, 7/8″, 1″, 1-1/8″
  • 1-3/8″, 1-1/2″, 1-3/4″, 2″
  • 2-1/8″, 2-1/4″, 2-1/2″, 2-11/16″
  • 3″, 3-1/4″, 3-3/8″, 3-5/8″
  • 3-3/4″, 4-1/8″, 4-1/2″, 4-3/4″
  • Standard Arbors: 1L, 2L, 5L (1/2″ Shank)
  • Three pilot drill bits
  • Blow Molded case with metal clips

 Blow Molded Case

The LENOX hole saw kit comes in a tough blow-molded box that keeps everything secured in place. The hole saws are protected in the roughest of work settings by the strong construction case, which prevents damage from drops. Metal latches and metal pin hinges secure the base, which will not break or rip. There’s even a spot to affix a padlock to keep it from being stolen.

On the Job

During a recent basement renovation, we were installing new door slabs to spruce up the look. These door slabs needed new handles installed. Our door lock installation kit comes with cheap / no-named hole saws. We replaced them with the LENOX 1″ and the 2-1/8″ hole saws.


We found that the LENOX bimetal blades cut through the doors like a hot knife through butter! These hole saws have larger sharper teeth, therefore removing more wood for faster cuts. 

The mandrils are very easy to use as pins slide in the holes cut into the bottom of the hole saw and then a nut tightens up to the base keeping them secure with no slipping.  They do not screw into the hole saw directly which makes material removal super easy. The Speed Slot designed like a staircase makes for easy plug ejection. Below is a comparison of the LENOX mandril vs a self screwing mandril.

Overall Impressions

Is there anything more frustrating than hunting for something that you know you have but can’t find? If you’re not cautious, hole saws can potentially be misplaced. This problem is solved using the LENOX Contractor’s Big Daddy Hole Saw Kit. You may spend more time cutting and less time looking if you keep all of your hole saws in one safe and secure case. LENOX’s 26-piece kit will set you back just under $300.00, but having all of the hole saws you’ll need is well worth it in our opinion.

LENOX Contractor's Big Daddy Hole Saw Kit

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  1. Dale Johnson

    Years ago I purchased a Lenox electricians hole saw kit. It is still in use today 35 years later. I am retired now but still use it for home projects. I have added miscellaneous hole saws that didn’t come originally in that kit. I should of purchased a bigger kit like the one you reviewed. Seems like you always need one that didn’t come in a smaller kit.

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