FN vs DA Style Finish Nails

FN vs DA Style 15 Gauge Finish Nails

While many of you probably know the difference between FN and DA 15 gauge finish nails there are still many guys confused and frustrated with this topic. 15 gauge angled finish nailers are very popular and on any given day you’re likely to find several different models on the jobsite. So when you ask the “runner” to head to the hardware store to get some 15 ga angled finish nails it’s very likely he may come back with the wrong ones.

Angled finish nailers come in one of two versions, they either take FN or DA style nails. So what’s the big deal? Well FN nails are the go to standard that Bostitch developed and DA style nails are a standard that Senco developed. Now all tool manufacturers use one of these types in their nailers and neither are compatible with each other.

The biggest difference in the two nail standards is the nail angle.

  • FN style nails are 25 degrees
  • DA style nails are 34 degrees

There are also slight differences in the head geometry and collation method but those differences are very small compared to the angle difference. So next time you send the rookie to the hardware store for angled finish nails be sure to tell him both the type, FN or DA, and also the angle otherwise you’re likely to get something that won’t run in your gun!


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