DEWALT Impact Clutch Accessory

DEWALT® Impact Clutch™ Accessory Holder Extends Bit Life by More Than Five Times

Every one I know new has an impact driver; from carpenters to plum,bers and electricians.   Impact drivers have made at least at 50% improvement in setting the screws; the impact driver made a MAJOR difference with the sheet metal screws.  The only issue with an impact driver is that they chew up bits.

DEWALT has come up with a solution with their Impact Clutch™ accessory holder.  (DWHJHLD) which promises to increase fastener and bit life. This patent-pending product is the first of its kind and has been engineered to solve a daily frustration users face in heavy-duty fastening applications on commercial job sites – bit tip breakage, fastener stripping, and fastener breakage.Dewalt Impact Clutch DWHJHLD

This bit is designed for “people who are driving hundreds of high torque screws a day on commercial job sites.

First Impression:

The DEWALT DWHJHLD inserts into the impact tool like any other extension bit, it was also easy to turn the clutch on and off.  The DWHJHLD bit larger and heavier than a standard extension bit holder but nothing that impacts the tool usage negatively.

How Does It Work:

I used the DEWALT  Impact Clutch in my shop and drove a bunch of self tapping screws into a metal stud.  The DWHJHLD clutch engaged at the proper times and clearly reduces stress on the bit.  DEWALT claims that you can expect bit tip life to be extended  by more than five times compared to standard DEWALT bit tip holders.

Who Needs The Impact Clutch?

The DEWALT Impact Clutch is ideal for framers, glaziers, electricians and other tradesmen who are tasked with heavy-duty fastening applications.  The Impact Clutch has a 1/4″ shank and can be used with both impact drivers and screw guns.  You can also turn off the clutch by moving the sleeve forward and backward to engage or disengage the clutch.

Overall Impression:

I was impressed with the clutch mechanism and ease of drive with the DWHJHLD.  I did not drive enough screws to test whether the bit will last five times longer, but the clutch mechanism clearly engages at the proper time which was obvious to me.

This bit accessory is designed for heavy-duty fastening applications on commercial job sites and promises to help prevent bit tip breakage, reduce fastener stripping, and avoid fastener breakage.

Where To Buy:

The DWHJHLD Impact Clutch accessory comes with two Impact Ready® bit tips, and it will be available at independent distributors in March 2011.  The product is expected to retail for approximately $17-$20. For more information, please visit:

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  1. William Klein-Pells

    Have you tried to change the bit? I’m not able to budge it, and the only review at DeWalt had the same issue.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      William – I’ve had this unit for probably 5+ years…i’ve changed lots of bits in it. Maybe yours is seized up….try a pair of pliers.

      1. Bill Klein-Pells

        Thanks. I was reluctant to force it as it’s still returnable. So there’s no moving anything forward or backward to release the bits – they just pull out?

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