Bosch Introduces Starlock™ Multi-Tool Accessories

Bosch Starlock™ Professional Interface System for Multi-Tool Accessories Sets High Bar for Power Transmission, Precision

Mt. Prospect, Ill., January 28, 2016 – The multi-tool market’s search for a professional interface that delivers maximum power transmission and quick change out has come to an end. The Starlock™ interface system delivers three-dimensional fit for high torque transfer and superior performance in the most challenging applications. The interface system was jointly developed and patented by multi-tool leaders Bosch® and Fein®.


The Starlock development effort focused on creation of a high-performance, application-based multi-tool interface that’s easy to use. With Starlock, blade performance classification extends tool life by matching the appropriate accessories to the task at hand. Blade grades for Bosch Starlock include:


These universal blades for everyday use fit all Starlock interfaces and are backward compatible to Bosch OIS™ systems (Bosch, Fein, Makita®, Milwaukee® and other pro tools).


These are extreme-duty blades for the toughest professional applications, including cutting through a 2×4 in one pass. Extra-long 80mm blades offer the fastest speed, deepest plunge cuts and best overall performance available.

“A wide range of mounting systems for oscillating power tools is currently available on the market,” said Willi Fellmann, vice president marketing, Bosch Group Power Tools Div., Accessories, Solothurn, Switzerland. “Users also have to generally accept performance losses when an adapter is used. With this product (Starlock), Bosch and Fein have established a joint standard and maximize transfer of power.”

How It Works

The Starlock interface system offers maximum power transmission with a three-dimensional connection versus standard two dimension. Starlock features a no-touch quick change when used with a Bosch tool featuring the Snap-In System. Blade changes can be made in seconds and blade removal is easy with auto-ejection. Starlock blades are backward compatible with OIS systems and OIS-compatible tools. No other multi-tool system currently available offers the speed and ease of blade change offered by Starlock.

The Starlock blade range includes 30 blades; StarlockMax will offer 10 blades at the time of launch. So the entire Starlock lineup includes 40 blades; there are 39 additional blades available in the current Bosch OIS offering.

Starlock Blade Capabilities

Starlock blade choices include Bosch carbide blades for metal-cutting applications, which feature 30 times life versus conventional bi-metal metal-cutting multi-tool blades. These blades provide longer life versus bi-metal options. In addition, Bosch Curved-Tec bi-metal blades give users maximum control and precision thanks to a curved head design that increases precise, clean and smooth plunge cuts.

The enhanced Starlock system also brings added-value benefits like reduced vibration in applications for cutting hardwoods and metals.

“The Starlock interface represents a significant step forward in the multi-tool market,” said Jared Schmidt, multi-tool accessories product manager, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. “Power transmission makes all the difference in heavy-duty and industrial applications. Starlock gives professional users that additional level of performance they’ve always wanted from these tools. By matching appropriate accessories to the tool, we believe multi-tool life will be extended as well.”

The Bosch-exclusive color coding system for each Starlock blade offers easy selection of the right blade at point of purchase. The color code includes white for all-purpose applications, including wood with nails; gray for wood and laminate applications; blue is for cutting metal and other tough materials; purple is for soft materials, including sealants, caulk and carpet; and brown is for grout removal and abrasive applications, including grinding and sanding.

Universal Starlock blades will be available starting January 2016; StarlockMax blades launch April 2016. Bosch will roll out a new line of Starlock multi-tools that will match the same blade performance ratings. Those products are expected in April 2016.

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