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Spyder 14-Piece Hole Saw Bit Set Review

Spyder TCT 14-piece hole saw kit

Manufacturer: Spyder
Model number: 600880
Price: $99.00
The new Spyder hole saws are not your Dad’s hole saw bits.  This tool review highlights the features of Spyder’s 14-piece carbide-tipped hole saw set as well as the overall impressions on performance.  I picked up this kit from Lowe’s after deciding to take on a shop storage project.  The project called for a couple dozen 3/4″ thick x 3 1/2″ diameter wooden circles and I wasn’t about to tackle it without the right gear.  Having previously used a bi-metal hole saw bits I thought I had a pretty good idea of the industry standard.  But Spyder’s updated hole saw bit design quickly had me rethinking this…

Spyder TCT Hole Saw Bit Features

  • Cuts wood, concrete block, brick, cement fiberboard, ceramic wall tile, PVC, and more, (with a Mohs hardness of less than 6)
  • Up to 10x more cuts than Bi-metal hole saw bits
  • Up to 5x faster than a standard hole saw bits
  • Tungsten Carbide Tips = longer life + cleaner cuts
  • Intended for Clean/Nail-Free Materials
  • Rapid Core Eject (RCE) Arbor System enables quick core clearing, rapid swap out of bits, and enlargement of existing holes

Now I have used my share of hole saws in the past, most often to cut copes out of Schedule 40 steel pipe when fabricating handrails.  So I am familiar with mounting the arbor bit and screwing and unscrewing the bits on and off.  Not a big deal.  But I didn’t realize how much time or hassle I would save by using a quick-release mounting system like Spyder designed into this beautiful Hole Saw set-up.

Spyder Quick Release Arbor System Design

First, you secure the center screw bit into the drill chuck.  Then you hold back the collar while you screw the arbor adapter into whichever bit you plan to use.  Lastly, just depress the locking button and slide the hole saw bit and arbor adapter onto the center bit until it locks onto the engraved set indent.  That’s it! In the photo below I’ve got the mounting collar pulled back to allow for easy threading of a new hole saw bit mid-project.  Spyder thought through every detail when they designed a fully tool-free hole saw set.  There are 2 recessed pins attached to the sliding collar.  The pins lock into the hole saw bit itself to prevent any possibility of bit rotation once mounted.

Spyder Rapid Core Eject (RCE) Feature

What makes this set, even more, user-friendly is the quick material eject design.  After cutting through the material, you depress the Spyder button (also used for mounting on the centering bit) and slide the hole saw bit towards the drill.  The whole process easily takes less than 10 seconds.  Once you pull the material off the centering bit you depress the Sypder button again and slide the bit back into place on the centering bit.  Then you’re ready to go again!  I was impressed, to say the least.  Again, this is a no-tool-required operation with smooth sliding and locking action throughout.

Bit Range of Sizes and Material Limits

The 14 Piece Spyder TCT hole saw bit set comes with a great range of bit diameters without the need to purchase additional sizes.  It goes from 1 1/4″ up to 4 1/2″ sized bits.  This is a great range of options for many common construction tasks like vent installation or adding various piping.  It also includes both Tungsten Carbide and High-Speed Steel (HSS) centering bit options.  This makes it easy to match the centering bit to the material about to be drilled.  For clean 3/4″ thick pine, I used the HSS in my center punch with ease.  For tougher materials like brick or concrete, the Tungsten center bit would be ideal.  I didn’t test that out on this project though.

Keep in mind that Spyder designed this set to be limited to a Mohs hardness rating of 6 or less.  Mohs hardness is a rough measure of the resistance of a smooth surface to scratching.  It is expressed in terms of a scale devised (1812) by the German mineralogist Friedrich Mohs.  For example, unglazed porcelain has a Mohs rating of approx. 7 so these bits wouldn’t hold up with repeated use.  But they would work great on other common construction materials like brick, concrete, gypsum board or wood.

Overall Impressions of the Spyder TCT Hole Saw Bits

I was extremely impressed by the quality, functionality, and overall attention to detail in the design of these bits.  I especially appreciated the quick loading and eject feature.  The TCT tips cut great, even on an angle.  The diameter range of the included bits was more than adequate for the variety of jobs I would out these to the test on.  While not a tool accessory I may use every day, I appreciate knowing that when the job calls for it, I’ve got a hole saw set that up to most any task.

Spyder TCT 14-piece hole saw kit

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  1. Paul

    This review convinces me I need this tool for an upcoming project. Great write up!

    1. Benjamin Fecteau

      Paul, thanks for the feedback. Best of luck with your project!

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