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The Best “Carpenter” Sawhorse 2024

I feel like I’ve been on a quest my entire career as a carpenter to find the unicorn of sawhorses. By that I mean a pair of sawhorses that stores well, are durable, open easily, support a lot of weight, and don’t break after 2 months or immediately after dropping them on a cold day. I know I’m asking for a lot, but someone, somewhere must make that unicorn sawhorse.


Up to this point my FAV sawhorse was the DeWalt “Work Stand” aluminum sawhorses and also the not-so-cheap, plastic, “Stanley-Style” folding sawhorses.

The DeWalt has everything I need in a sawhorse, except it’s a little heavy and is super bulky to store. The Stanley plastic sawhorses are light and slim, store great, but don’t last more than a month or a single drop in cold weather.


Thus, I embarked on a systematic journey, rigorously testing various sawhorse models across my job sites over the course of six months. This pursuit proved more challenging than anticipated. With each trial, I hoped to unearth that rare gem, the unicorn sawhorse, that would surpass all expectations and become the cornerstone of my carpentry endeavors.

In the end, I tested eight different sawhorses, all different styles to determine which one best suited my needs and performed effectively on the job site. The sawhorses included were:

  1. Bora Workhorse XT
  2. Central Machinery Sawhorse
  3. Dewalt Heavy Duty Work Stand
  4. Dewalt Adjustable Legs Sawhorse
  5. Dewalt Metal Folding Sawhorse
  6. Fulton StableMate Sawhorse
  7. Kreg Track Horse
  8. Stanley Folding Sawhorse


I evaluated these sawhorses based on six criteria to determine the best option, considering:

  1. Weight
  2. Storability
  3. Durability
  4. Set up and break down (Ergonomics and functionality)
  5. Additional features
  6. Cost

Note: All the sawhorses in this test had to have a capacity of at least 1000 pounds or more, as anything less wouldn’t meet the standards of a job site quality sawhorse. Moreover, a higher weight capacity typically indicates better structural integrity and durability.

BORA Workhorse XT

The BORA Workhorse XT stood out with its pre-drilled end brackets and a top beam that facilitate the creation of a sacrificial top and the attachment of 2×4 materials, enabling the assembly of a sturdy workstation.


  • Material:     Steel
  • Height:        Adjustable 30 inches to 34 inches.
  • Length:       38
  • Depth:         4.5
  • Weight:       15 lb.
  • Capacity:     1,350 lbs. each [2,700 pair]
  • Cost:           $ 160.00 [pair]

Observations After Using

Build quality of the BORA Wokhorse XT sawhorse was clearly engineered for durability and reliability. Key features include a weight capacity of 1,350 lbs. per sawhorse, totaling 2,700 lbs. per pair, ensuring ample support for storing stock.


The Bora’s height can be adjusted from 30 to 34 inches in 1-inch increments using an intuitive lever and slide and lock technology, catering to differing user heights or needs. Because the 2×4 slots stick out on the ends of these saw horses you will either love or hate them. I loved them – and we found them study and strong.

Additionally the top is set up for attaching a sacrificial board, and when combined with the side supports you can make a quick and easy support table,

There was a lot to like about the Bora sawhorses, they’re light, super strong, compact and well built. There were two things I did not like about them; you are required to fold one side of the legs first or they will not fold and store properly. The second issue I had is that they do not latch together and for storage.

Central Machinery 30 in. Steel Folding Sawhorses

The Central Machinery 30-inch Steel Folding Sawhorses, sold in a 2-pack, offer robust support for and impressive 2,000 lb. weight capacity.


  • Material:     Steel
  • Height:        30 in.
  • Length:       32 in.
  • Depth:         5-1/2 in.
  • Weight:       16.4 each
  • Capacity:     2,000 lbs.
  • Cost:           $40.00 pair

Observations After Using

This saw horse features a folding design. Their MDF tops are well-suited for saw cuts, providing a stable work surface. Additionally, the inclusion of a metal crossbar ensures the legs remain securely locked during use, enhancing strength and stability. However, assembly is cumbersome, likened to an “IKEA-like setup,” which is time-consuming and less than enjoyable.

To improve the top of these sawhorses, I utilized a router to round over the sharp edges on the MDF tops, adding a finishing touch to their design.

Upon using the Central Machinery sawhorses, I promptly recognized their difficulty in storing efficiently. Additionally, I observed that the plastic feet on the bottom of the legs tended to detach easily. To address these issues, I took the initiative to wrap the feet in electrical tape, providing a quick and effective solution for enhanced stability and storage convenience.

While these sawhorses deliver reliable performance, at an affordable price point, they don’t meet my needs, and I think they are best suited for DIY enthusiasts.

DEWALT Heavy Duty Work Stand DWX725

As I mentioned in my opening paragraph, up to this point these are the best saw horses that I’ve used, but they take up too much space! The DEWALT Heavy-Duty Work Stand, is built from corrosion-resistant aluminum, offers a reliable solution for storing stock, supporting a standing planks or a sturdy work table


  • Material:     Aluminum
  • Height:         32″H
  • Length:       ‎36″L
  • Depth:         ‎11″W
  • Weight:       15.4 lb.
  • Capacity:     1,000 lbs. each [2,000 lbs. pair]
  • Cost:            $200 pair

Observations After Using

With a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. each, this stand accommodates various materials effortlessly. Its lightweight design, weighing only 15.4 lbs., ensures easy transport. Additionally, the stand’s legs lock securely into place, providing dependable stability as you work. The legs feet are large, non-,marring and securely fastened to the legs.

It’s transport latch ensured that both units stay together during transport or storage. When carried separately they have the best carry handle of all the saw horses. When latched together, there is no handle.


My favorite feature on these sawhorses are the leg lock levers which allow easy set up and storage. My least favorite featured is the bulkiness and overall weight of the pair carrying them,  and they take up too much space to store. They also do not like how they adjust in height.

It also accepts optional DW7231 miter saw mounting brackets allowing use as a tool stand. Overall, the DEWALT Heavy-Duty Work Stand combines durability, portability, and safety features to support a wide range of tasks for pros. If you have a lot of of storage space, a box truck or trailer, you cant beat these saw horses.


DEWALT Adjustable Legs Sawhorse

The DEWALT Adjustable Legs Sawhorse combines durability, versatility, and ease of use to provide reliable support for various tasks.


  • Material:     Steel, Aluminum, Plastic Polymer
  • Height:        32.7 in
  • Length:       27.2.
  • Depth:         2.2 in.
  • Weight:       14.17
  • Capacity:     2,500 lbs.
  • Cost:           $ 70 pair

Observations After Using

Crafted from a high-quality combination of steel, aluminum, and plastic polymer, it boasts a remarkable load capacity of up to 2,500 lbs. per pair. I liken this sawhorse to the Stanley sawhorse, only on steroids!

It has a yellow slide lever that allows easy adjustment of legs separately, catering to uneven surfaces with clear, large numbers indicating height settings.  The legs have rubber feet, and the working bar has a V groove ruler for working with lumber or pipes.


Taller users will appreciate the back-saving adjustable height legs.  While these saw horses are somewhat heavy, their durability and load capacity make them suitable for heavy-duty tasks. Unlike cheaper alternatives, they remain stable under pressure and do not fold up or collapse unexpectedly.



I liked the adjusting height, folding mechanism and lightweight design of these saw horses. Despite its ruggedness and lightweight design, we experienced issues with the top brackets designed to hold 2x4s, which broke early on after being deployed to our cold job site. This was a huge bummer because I had such high hopes for this set.

Overall, the DEWALT Adjustable Legs Sawhorse is recommended for those seeking a robust and reliable work support solution for pro users. At the end of all the testing Dan, our lead carpenter chose these  horses for his van. Dan’s favorite sawhorse was the Kreg Workhorse, but his reasoning for choosing the DEWALT was they fold flat and were the easiest to store in his van.

“When you think about it these sawhorses live in the van more then they are set up, I want them to store neatly “~ Dan Shaw

DEWALT Metal Folding Sawhorse

The DEWALT Metal Folding Sawhorse features a robust metal structure designed to hold up to 2000 lbs. as a pair.


  • Material:     Metal, plastic
  • Height:        10.686 in
  • Length:       32 in.
  • Depth:         4.68 in.
  • Weight:       11.8
  • Capacity:     2,000 lbs.
  • Cost:           $ 80 pair


I liked the two top metal bars which facilitate secure clamping, easily accommodating trigger clamps. Its quick and compact folding capability ensures portability and easy storage, while features such as anti-slip pads on the top and legs enhance stability during use.

Observations After Using

These sawhorses offer exceptional versatility, including a 2×4-inch notches for creating a work station and a large V-groove ideal for handling pipes.  There is no option for mounting a sacrificial board without modifying and drilling the metal bars. At the end of this testing there was a saw kerf in the top rail from someone cutting too deep.

In the center of each sawhorse is a yellow flip handle that facilitates effortless carrying, while yellow side latches enable the convenient securing and transportation of two sawhorses together. While using we noted that the plastic locks popped off once and was reattached, it does seem likely to break over time.

I really liked using this set, in fact, its still in my work van being used. I like its lighter weight, carrying handle and overall compact size for storage.

Fulton StableMate Folding Professional Grade Sawhorse

The Fulton StableMate Folding Professional Grade Sawhorse is a testament to quality craftsmanship, proudly manufactured in Fulton, IL, just two hours west of Chicago along the banks of the Mississippi River. Crafted from robust 16-gauge steel, these American-made sawhorses are way  heavier than the competition, but their durability is unmatched, providing peace of mind for daily use.


  • Material:     USA Grade Galvanized Steel and welded tubing steel
  • Height:        30 in.
  • Length:       42 in.
  • Depth:         5-1/2 in.
  • Weight:       39 lb.
  • Capacity:     3,000 lbs.
  • Cost:           $ 200 pair

Observations After Using

We were impressed with the galvanized construction, eliminating concerns about leaving them outdoors and exposed to the weather.  Lets face it many sawhorses spend their entire life outdoors. We only set these sawhorses up once and they sit stationary with a pile of material on them. I forgot to get a photo of them, these are stock photos from the company website.


PHOTO: Leg Hinge

The StableMate’s folding legs are solid and have a beautify designed hinge mechanism. The legs lock open and fold and lock closed for convenient and compact storage. The only negative I found with them was that you have to fold one side of the legs first or they won’t fold tightly.

The non-skid rubber feet are solidly made and secured in place. With heavy-duty construction at its core, the Fulton StableMate offers reliable heavy material support.

My impression of these sawhorses is that they are built to last 100 years. Their construction feels robust, almost like diesel-powered.

The fact that they are made in the US, which is a big plus for me. However, they’re also quite heavy, which isn’t what I’m looking for in my daily tool setup. That being said, I’ve found the perfect application for them: they now serve as my material delivery sawhorses, since they can easily hold a pallet of plywood on them.

Bottom line – I was impressed with the build quality, durably, and 3,000 lb. weight capacity. Kudos to you Fulton!

KREG Track Horse

This sawhorse was a crew favorite.  Crafted from steel, aluminum, and plastic polymer, it offers durability and stability for various tasks.


  • Material:     Steel, Aluminum, Plastic Polymer
  • Height:        30 in.
  • Length:       42 in.
  • Depth:         5-1/2 in.
  • Weight:       24 lb.
  • Capacity:     2,200 lbs. (997 kg) per pair; 1,100 lbs. (498 kg) individually
  • Cost:           $ 360 pair


Observations After Using

The Kreg Track Horse is feature-rich and can be used as a work table and clamping system, not just a saw horse. The Track Horse boasts an impressive weight capacity of 2,200 lbs. per pair ensuring reliable support for heavy materials if needed.


One of its standout features is the dual-mode clamping system, which enables secure holding of work pieces using either the long track on top, or keyhole brackets on the ends, for vise-style clamping. Each Track horse comes with one Kreg Bench Clamp.

One feature I wasn’t particularly enamored with is the side support bracket clips designed to hold 2x4s. While I’m a fan of the 2×4 support, Kreg designed these clips to easily remove to allow access on the side for the Bench clamp. My issue is that there is no good place to store these clips, and I absolutely see them getting lost. I would prefer to have some sort of onboard storage option for them.

The Kregs top track design accommodates sacrificial surfaces, allowing for cutting without damage. Its adjustable legs offer six working heights, ranging from ground-level use with folded legs, to various elevated positions. A large lever unlocks the legs to unfold, or fold for easy storage and transport.

Because these sawhorses are robustly made, they’re large. They also do not latch together or have a carry handle.

Overall, we really like the Kreg Track Horse. It combines versatility, durability, and innovative features to provide a superior work support solution for professionals. However, its higher price point of $179.00 may be considered a drawback for some.

Stanley Folding Work Bench Sawhorse

The Stanley Folding Sawhorses and many other similar, folding sawhorses I have used are the OGs on the job site. They all boast a polypropylene construction and I have always been amazed that they have a capacity of 2,700 pounds as a pair.

Their design includes a V-grooves for secure material placement and clamping, along with top rubber pads to prevent slippage. I’ve been using  sawhorses like these for years because they are so light and easy to transport. I also like that they fold and store easily – but they don’t hold up to the rigors of the job site.


  • Material:     Polypropylene
  • Height:        32.09
  • Length:       27.28
  • Depth:         4.13
  • Weight:       12.6 lb.
  • Capacity:     1,350 lbs. each [2,700 pair]
  • Cost:           $ 44.00 pair

Folding sawhorses like these come equipped with a tool tray for storing power and hand tools, as well as a side cord hanger feature. We constantly see this tool trays break.  In fact they break too easily, which then causes the sawhorses to collapse under heavier weight. Additionally, the plastic material becomes brittle in cold weather, making it susceptible to damage if dropped.

Best Overall: BORA Workhorse XT

The BORA Workhorse XT stands out as the best overall sawhorse due to its robust construction, adjustable height, and impressive weight capacity of 1350 lbs. per sawhorse, totaling 2700 lbs. per pair.

Engineered with pre-drilled end brackets and a top beam, it offers exceptional versatility for creating a sturdy workstation. Additionally, its intuitive slide and lock technology allow for easy height adjustment from 30 to 34 inches in 1-inch increments, catering to user needs. We felt the BORA Workhorse XT delivered professional-grade expectations for performance and durability, making it the best overall sawhorse for Pros.

Best Bang for the Buck: Central Machinery 30 in. Steel Folding Sawhorses

The Central Machinery 30-inch Steel Folding Sawhorses offer excellent value for money with their sturdy steel construction, 2000 lb. weight capacity, and affordable price of $40.00 for a 2-pack. While assembly may be cumbersome, their folding design and MDF tops make them practical for various workshop tasks. Despite their lightweight design of 16.4 lbs. each, they provide reliable support and stability, making them a cost-effective choice for those on a DIY budget.

As a Pro user the best bang for the buck would be the BORA Work Horse.


Best Light-Duty: Dewalt Metal Folding Sawhorse

The DEWALT Metal Folding Sawhorse excels as the best light-duty option, featuring a durable metal structure with a capacity load of 2,000 lbs. Designed for versatility, it includes a 2×4-inch recess and V-grooves for handling various materials. Its compact folding capability and lightweight design of 11.8 lbs. make it portable and easy to store. Despite potential issues with the plastic locks over time, its affordability at $79.94 and functionality make it ideal for light-duty PRO tasks.

Best Heavy-Duty: Fulton StableMate Folding Professional Grade Sawhorse

The Fulton StableMate Folding Professional Grade Sawhorse takes the top spot as the best heavy-duty sawhorse, boasting a weight capacity of 3000 lbs. Crafted from robust USA Grade Galvanized Steel, it offers unmatched durability and stability for demanding job site conditions. While heavier at 39 lbs., its reliability, non-skid rubber feet, and built-in leg locks ensure safe and secure operation, making it the preferred choice for heavy-duty tasks.

Both the BORA Work Horse and the DEWALT Work Stand are sturdy and support a lot of weight as well. The Fulton holds the most weight of the pack!

Best Workstation: Kreg Track Horse

The Kreg Track Horse was a team favorite and stood out as the best workstation, providing a versatile and sturdy work support system for various applications. With a weight capacity of 2,200 lbs. per pair or 1,100 lbs. individually, the Kreg Track Horse offers users plenty of support and stability. Its dual-mode clamping system, sacrificial surface compatibility, and adjustable legs cater to diverse project needs. Although priced at $179.00 each, its innovative features and durability make it an excellent investment for professionals requiring a reliable sawhorse, or workstation.

Most Portable: DEWALT Adjustable Legs Sawhorse

The DEWALT Adjustable Legs Sawhorse earns the title of the most portable sawhorse, combining durability and versatility in a lightweight design. Weighing 14.17 lbs. and featuring adjustable legs for uneven surfaces, it offers ease of transport and setup. Despite potential issues with the top brackets, its back-saving adjustable height legs and compact folding design make it suitable for on-the-go professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking portability without sacrificing performance.


Which One Did I Pick?

This evaluation has provided me with valuable insights into the variety of options available for sawhorses. Previously, I had been accustomed to purchasing cheap plastic Stanley sawhorses due to their lightweight and portability. However, I now understand that this initial cost-saving approach led to frequent replacements, costing me approximately $140 annually. Recognizing the value of investing in a better-built sawhorse upfront, I anticipate fewer replacements and less frustration in the long run.







In the end, I opted for the DEWALT metal folding sawhorse and my Lead carpenter opted for the Kreg Track Horse but later reverted to the DEWALT Adjustable Leg folding sawhorse because it stored better in his van, It’s important to note that these are our everyday grab-and-go units for our vans. We both agreed that the Fulton StableMate and DEWALT Work Stand will be our long term material platform. We also agreed that if we were setting up a long term clamping station, router table or assembly table we’d reach for the Kreg workhorse and use them.


When selecting a sawhorse, it’s essential to consider factors such as portability and storage convenience. For those requiring mobility and versatility, sawhorses with folding legs are ideal.

Moreover, the material of the sawhorse significantly impacts its weight and thus its portability. While ABS or plastic sawhorses offer lightweight options, steel folding sawhorses are sturdier but heavier. Heavy-duty models with high-capacity clamps may be more cumbersome to move, so it’s essential to balance weight with durability based on individual needs.

Additionally, considering additional features can enhance functionality and efficiency. Sawhorses with built-in shelves, cord hooks, or clamps provide added convenience for various projects, offering a versatile tailored worktable.

In essence, the decision to invest in a quality sawhorse should be guided by considerations of mobility, durability, and additional features, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for whatever you put it through.

Sawhorse Head-2-Head comparison

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