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Oliver Machinery 12.5″ Planer with SHELIX cutterhead Model 10044 Review

Oliver Machinery 10044 Planer Review When I decided to upgrade my 12.5” planer, I wanted to check out the Oliver Machinery 12.5″ Planer (Model 10044) with exclusive Byrd Tools SHELIX cutterhead.  The thickness planer is one of the most functional and cost-effective tools in my woodshop.  Why?  Because it ensures uniformity in materials and allows […]

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Best Benchtop Thickness Planer – Head-to-Head

Best Benchtop Thickness Planer Benchtop thickness planers are an essential piece of equipment for any woodshop. These planers are an excellent option for small home woodshops and contractors that need a portable option. While not big and powerful as full size shop thickness planers, benchtop thickness planers are still very capable of effectively planing a […]

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