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Stabila LD250 Laser Distance Measurer Review

Stabila LD250 Bluetooth Laser Distance Measurer The modern alternative to the traditional tape measure is a laser distance measurer (LDM). You won’t need to rely on another person with a steady hand to conduct accurate measurements with the Stabila LD250 BT Laser Distance Measurer because LDMs can be handled by a single person across long […]

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STABILA Type 80 AS-2 Spirit Level Review

STABILA Type 80 AS-2 Contractor Spirit Level The origin of the spirit level goes way back in history. The Romans used water filled vessels as primitive spirit levels when building their aqueducts. By observing the water surface level in the vessel, the Romans could determine if the base was completely flat or at an angle. To […]

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STAFDA Annual Convention and Trade Show 2013

STAFDA Annual Convention and Trade Show 2013 The Speciality Tool and Fastener Division Association (STAFDA) held their annual convention and trade show, where hundreds of vendors get a chance to showcase their newest products, offer generous terms to distributors, and often give consumers, distributors, and journalists a sneak peak of upcoming innovations. Here at Tool […]

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