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SKILSAW Southpaw Circular Saw

SKILSAW 7-1/4 In. SPT67M801 SIDEWINDER Circular Saw Review Lately it seems that I’ve mostly been talking to you guys about cordless tools. Not today…. As an “East Coast” contractor I’m accustomed to working with a right-bladed side-winder saws, but SKILSAW SOUTHPAW provides visibility that’s hard to deny, with the durability of a worm drive. SKILSAW […]

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SKILSAW Sidewinder Saw SPT67WM-22

SKILSAW Sidewinder Saw SPT67WM-22 Tool Review Knock Knock…. Your turn….. Wood… Your turn again…. Wood you believe that after almost a century, SkilSaw still continues to unveil products that top the industry in both performance and innovation? All kidding aside, when you think of circular saws since their inception, there are all types, sizes, manufactures, […]

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SKIL 7-1/4 Inch MAG77LT Worm Drive Saw Review

Magnesium Worm Drive SKILSAW Model # MAG77LT In the world of residential and commercial remodeling the SkilSaw has enjoyed a very long reputation of quality, rugged durability and exceptional performance. The reputation has been so long running that people today often refer to any brand circular saw as a “SkilSaw.” If you ask me, that’s […]

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