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FLEX 24V Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

FLEX 24V Model FX4111-1A Oscillating Multi-Tool Review In November of 2021, the TBB Crew had the opportunity to revisit the current selection of cordless oscillating multi-tools. Our revamped Head-To-Head highlighted twelve of the latest offerings and put them through a rigorous series of tests. During the testing, I had the opportunity to get hands-on experience […]

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Milwaukee FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool

Milwaukee M18 and M12 FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool Review Toolboxbuzz was the first website to get their hands on the new Milwaukee FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool both their M12 and M18 versions.  Here’s what we think of it: The Oscillating Multi-Tool [OMT] has changed the carpentry industry with it’s the ability to quickly and accurately make cuts that in the […]

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Hitachi 18V Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool

Hitachi Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool Review – Model CV18DBLP4 Back in mid June Hitachi announced that they where joining the party of brushless oscillating multi-tools. The Hitachi 18v Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool is an extremely versatile tool to use in many different applications. Can go from grinding to cutting, to scraping to sanding all with just a quick change of the blade, […]

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