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Best Cordless Oscillating Multi-tool Head-to-Head

Cordless Oscillating Multi-tool – Comparison Testing 2021 The ToolBoxBuzz Crew recently looked at twelve major brands of multi-tools and carefully planned a range of uniquely crafted tests (with some sweet custom jigs) to determine which one was the “Best Cordless Oscillating Multi-tool.” An oscillating multi-tool is a saw, scraper, sander, and grinder. The tool, as […]

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Milwaukee FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool

Milwaukee M18 and M12 FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool Review Toolboxbuzz was the first website to get their hands on the new Milwaukee FUEL Oscillating Multi-Tool both their M12 and M18 versions.  Here’s what we think of it: The Oscillating Multi-Tool [OMT] has changed the carpentry industry with it’s the ability to quickly and accurately make cuts that in the […]

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Bosch StarlockMAX Oscillating Multi-Tool GOP40-30 Review

Bosch StarlockMAX Oscillating Multi-Tool GOP40-30 So what’s all this talk about Starlock?  Starlock is Bosch’s’ newest approach to high-performance, application-based multi-tool interface that is “stupid simple” to use. That means more power, precision and performance. So say hello to the Bosch StarlockMAX Oscillating Multi-Tool GOP40-30! How the Starlock Interface Works The Starlock interface system works off of accessory blade contact.  […]

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