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Metabo HPT 36V Multivolt 7 1/4″ Circular Saw

The Metabo HPT 36V Multivolt 7 1’4″ Circular Saw C3607DAQ4 Review This tool review takes a look at the Metabo HPT 36V Multivolt Circular Saw model #C3607DAQ4. The circular saw may be the most iconic woodworking and carpentry tool out there. If you check the tool bench of any tradesman, woodworker, DIYer, or homeowner, it […]

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SKILSAW 16 Inch Worm Drive Carpentry Chainsaw

SKILSAW® Introduces 16 Inch Worm Drive Sawsquatch™ Carpentry Chainsaw SPT55-11 SKILSAW has announced the release of their 16 Inch Worm Drive Sawsquatch Carpentry Chainsaw. This innovative new saw helps professionals increase productivity on the jobsite by combining a large depth of cut in a lightweight package. Specs Amperage: 15 RPM: 6300 Bar Length: 16” Blade […]

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Tool Driven Builder Hammer

Tool Driven Hammer Review Recently on the market The Tool Driven Builder Hammer is taking a new approach to making a more user-friendly hammer. The claim is that a lighter handle will reduce stress to the user’s arm and joints. A lighter handle is achieved by using carbon fiber composite and Kevlar. This makes for […]

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