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Keson Box Beam Level Review

Keson 48″ Box Beam Construction Level A high quality, rugged, and accurate spirit level is one of the most indispensable tools on most job sites. But these precision instruments also get the snot beat out of them. As a sitework contractor, it is common to see levels tossed in and out of toolboxes or truck […]

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Empire Digital Level True Blue 24″

EMPIRE DIGITAL LEVEL TRUE BLUE 24” The brand new 24” Empire Digital level has hit the market. This is the newest addition to Empires already impressive line of hand levels. There is a full line of these digital levels and they are the industries first auto calibrating digital level. DIGITAL LEVELS LOADED WITH FEATURES We received […]

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Milwaukee REDSTICK Box Level Review

Milwaukee REDSTICK Levels Box beam levels have a rectangular, box-like shape and are considered the heavier duty level when compared to I-beam levels. In contrast, I-beam levels are shaped in the form of an “I,” use less material to make, are lighter, and not as strong as a box level. If you were to cut […]

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