STANLEY FATMAX Mobile Work Station Model 020800R

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STANLEY FATMAX Mobile Work Station

Manufacturer: Stanley
Model number: 020800R
Price: $96.99
Weight: 19.2 lbs

STANLEY FATMAX Mobile Work Station Review – Model 020800R

Regardless of whether you are a professional carpenter, plumber, electrician, or repairman, tool storage an important element when it comes to proficient work and time management. The days of carrying multiple tool bags full of hand tools and various power tools are gone.   Stanley Tools have designed a 4 in 1 Mobile took workstation that not only is one of a kind, but allows the use superb mobility from job-site to job-site. STANLEY FATMAX Mobile Work Station Model 020800R The 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station offers the end user a durable and rugged storage solution.  With 4 different compartments to offer;

  • toolbox
  • part bins
  • portable tray
  • over-sized lower bin for larger items

All of your tools are in one place.  Constant trips to the truck, trailer or even forgetting important tools, are no longer a concern.

First Impression

When I first received the package, my initial thought was WOW, this is big.  The weight of the work station is 19.2lbs with nothing in it.  It is lightweight, but don’t let that fool you, it’s heavy duty!! Taking it into my basement shop, I was wondering if I even had enough tools to fill this thing.  After all was said and done I sure filled it alright! The three tool bags that I had were completely unorganized and messy and a complete eye sore.  The Stanley FatMax 020800R was just what I needed! The large metal latches also offer peace of mind knowing it will not inadvertently open and has eye lets for to secure with a pad lock.


The 4 areas of storage in the  STANLEY FATMAX Mobile Work Station Model 020800R offer the end user a multitude of options.  With the large lower bin measuring at 19”x11”x16”. You can put smaller power tools such as cordless drill, multi tool or even a corded circular saw. In my case I was able to put my corded drywall gun, my multi-tool, and tools for joint compounding drywall. The parts bin section has 8 separate storage bins for all types of items. In my box, I put various rolls of tape, several box of screws and nails. Also, I put a small pouch I kept my air compressor attachments in there. Staples, sanding blocks, extra chalk for my chalk line and a spare tape measure are also neatly and easily stored. STANLEY FATMAX Mobile Work Station Model 020800R The toolbox portion is great spot for storing my bit sets, drill bit set, tool belt, safety glasses. The options are endless and offer the end user ample storage. The tool tray has 4 separate divided compartments for your basic hand tools. Screwdrivers, pliers, retractable knives, and small pipe wrenches to name a few! This Stanley FatMax 4-in-1 Mobile WorkStation is the key to workplace organization. Having all your tools with you when you need them will not only cut down on wasted time and hassle, it will increase work efficacy. Less time looking and more time work.

Additional Bonus Features

Two other features that grabbed my attention:

  • The V groove
  • The integrated ruler

The V groove is located on the top of the toolbox, as is the integrated ruler. The V groove holds materials in place while cutting, offering stability. The integrated ruler will allow for quick measurements when needing to cut rapidly. You could cut some wires, PVC piping, even making quick measurements on wood if needed.

Overall Impression

The hard durable foam construction, telescopic handle for easy maneuvering and patented, tiered, cantilever multilevel rolling system all come together to allow trouble-free access to all 4 freight areas simultaneously. The extra heavy duty 7” rubber coated wheels add steadiness when opened all the way. Closed, the Workstation is a compact, easily maneuvered unit which is deceiving when first looked at, however opened, it is a robust work space. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and walking into a job-site, this workstation offers the assurance that you will make a good first impression. Walking into a job-site and having a customer see you holding all your equipment and not able to shake their hand or even wave to them, is not a good way to start a job.  Being able to roll this work station in not only make you look organized, and professional, it also makes the customer realize you care about your tools.  It gives clients the perception that you are organized and ultimately assures them you are the right person for the project.


  • Closed Height 29”
  • Closed Length 17”
  • Closed Width 22”
  • Patented tiered cantilever multilevel rolling system allows easy access to all 4 areas at the same time
  • Telescopic handle for easy maneuvering
  • Ball Bearing slides for smooth operation, even under a heavy load
  • Extra heavy duty rubber-coated 7” wheels- for maximum stability
  • Extra large, heavy duty metal latches with pad lockable eye lets

How and Where to Buy

The STANLEY FATMAX Mobile Work Station Model 020800R can be purchased for 96.99 here: Stanley FatMax Mobile 4-in-1 Work Station

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  1. Chris

    Nice review of the Stanley Mobile Work Station. I wonder how this would compare to the similar Dewalt Model # DWST20800. If you get a chance to test out that model please post.

    Assonet, MA

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