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Pelican Mobile Tools Chest 0450:  Tough Enough for the Military

Pelican Tool Case

Manufacturer: Pelican
Model number: 0450
Price: $499

Pelican Cases have been a standard in the entertainment industry for literally decades, keeping cameras, lens, and other gear safe from damage and dry.  If you don’t know much about Pelican, let me fill you in.  Avid diver, Dave Parker, founded Pelican in 1976 when he was trying to fill a need for divers to have rugged, waterproof flashlights and cases to take on dives.  Since that time the company has expanded, and while still one of the leaders in waterproof cases and lighting, has tackled other products, now including rugged protection for tablets and computers, and tools!  If these cases can protect the tools of military and firefighters, then they ought to protect your tools on the jobsite.

Pelican 0450 Tool Chest

So let’s start there when looking at the Pelican Mobile Tool Case (Model 0450).  This case is built to the same standards as other Pelican products, which means two things for you.  1) Your tools and other items in the case are sure to be protected, and 2) It will last you a very long time, Pelican hopes a lifetime.

Video Overview of the Pelican Mobile Tool Case:

Before we delve too deeply into the specifics, you might want to take a look at the video review:

Pelican Mobile Tool Case Features:

As in most things that Pelican makes, this tool case has plenty of detail in the features.  Starting with the removable 2” polyurethane wheels.  Because these are ultimately used by military, they have to be serviceable in the field.  They are very easy to remove and can be quickly replaced if necessary, although it’s unlikely you’ll encounter this as they are exceptionally durable to begin with.  The wheels are located on the back of the tool case offering a stable track to roll over a variety of surfaces, and making them less obtrusive inside the case to give more space for drawers.

Pelican 0450 Mobile Chest Wheels

The 2 inch wheels are designed to roll over all types of surfaces and can be removed and replaced if damaged.

Like most mobile cases, they Pelican 0450 has a telescoping handle that is easy to operate.  I’m a fairly tall guy and I found the height to be comfortable and the case pulled easily.  I can’t complain about the handle.

Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest Handle

The telescoping handle is easy to operate.

The side handles are designed so that the case can be moved and picked up in a couple of different ways.  Designed for a two-man lift the side handles are wide when carrying in the horizontal orientation, or when picking up with the tool chest upright.

Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest Side Handles

The side handles are wide making it easier to lift the chest.

Latches and Valves:

One of Pelican’s signature features is the secure latching system on all of its cases.  The 0450 is no exception.  There are 2 latches for the lid of the chest and 2 more for the front of the chest.  They are the standard Pelican double-throw configurations, but with the added security of butterfly compression closures.  There’s also a pass-through for a security cable or a padlock.

Pelican 0450 Mobile Chest Latch

Dual latch with butterfly compression.

You may not be changing altitudes considerably from one jobsite to the next, but if you do, Pelican has you covered.  There are two pressure equalization valves, one in the top and one for the main tool compartment.

Pelican 0450 Drawer Configuration:

If you want versatility, you’ll get it with this tool case.  Pelican offers two configurations, the first is the 0450 WD, which means “with drawers”.   This version has a top tray, 6 shallow drawers and a deep drawer.  For more versatility, Pelican offers the 0450 ND or “no drawers”.  With this configuration, you can remove the slide panels on either side and set the up however you’d like.  In this case, you’d buy the drawers separately and set them up how you see fit.

Pelican 0450 Moblie Chest Drawer Slides

Drawer slides can be removed and rearranged for different drawer configuration.

One more nice feature from Pelican: once the lid is open, it can be used as a work surface.  It will support up to 50 pounds as long as the case is balanced.

My Opinion of the Pelican 0450:

Overall, I think this case is a good solution if you travel with your tools a lot or you need the ultimate in case protection.  Because it was built to pass over 70 tests, including drop tests and water submersion tests, and last in the extreme conditions that the military encounter, I found it to be a bit heavy.  Even when empty, it weighs in at about 41 pounds.  But, the tradeoff of the extra protection may be worth a few more pounds.

As usual, Pelican has incorporated features into this case that are both thoughtful and productive.  From the sturdy, yet less-intrusive wheels, to the tray on the top that doubles as a work station, this mobile tool chest has the design and the features to justify the price point.

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  1. Bernard Birt

    Hi: I would like to say that the Pelican™ 0450 started out full steam ahead but in my option it fall short to its revel the Snap-On KMC18062PBK. One of the things that I don’t like with the Pelican™ 0450 is the front door has to lay flat down on the floor to open the front draws, I find that to be a trip hazard, the box takes up more room when the door is in the open position, secondly when in the mobile position the tool box will need to be put at a 45 degrees to sit on its wheels and may cause some tools to fall inside the box making a big mess of things. The Snap-On KMC18062PBK addressed that issue very well.
    Bernard Birt

  2. Pierre Boucher

    Would you know of a similar toolbox with at least half the weight, that one is nice, but like most pelican products, they’re heavy… at 48 pounds, its impossible to load that one with tools as checked luggages with any companies.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Unfortunately it’s hard to find something similar that’s so much lighter.

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