Milwaukee Expands Packout Storage System

Milwaukee Expands Packout Storage System

Back at NPS17 we got our first look at the Packout storage system. At the time there were only 8 different products but the product manager promised more the next year. Fast forward a year to NPS18 and we got to briefly check out some of those promised offerings. These new items build on an already great system making it more versatile to more contractors. Ever since Packout’s release, retailers have been having a hard time keeping them in stock because of their popularity. With these new offerings, that problem won’t be going away any time soon.Milwaukee Packout - 4

Low-Profile Organizers

Milwaukee Packout - 10When Milwaukee first came out with their pre-Packout 10 bin organizer, the one where the lid recesses down into the bins, we knew they were onto something. You could fill that thing with the thinest washers on the planet, close it up, shake it 9 ways from Sunday, and when you opened the lid, you knew everything was still going to be in the same place. They incorporated that same idea into the Packout organizers launched in 2017 and they work awesome. The only issue is the bins are big. What if you don’t need 50-100 of a fastener? The new Low-Profile Organizers are just the ticket. At half the height, they are perfect for smaller (in size and quantity) fasteners. They have the same features as their predecessors though, full Packout integration and the locking lid that’s also IP65 rated against water and dust.

The Low-Profile Organizers come in a full footprint and half footprint and feature removable bin dividers to even further diversify your fasteners. ETA is around September and the pricing is $22 for the compact and $33 for the full footprint at least according to Home Depot’s website.Milwaukee Packout - 5

Tool Bags

Introduced at NPS18 were also a couple new tool bags. At first I thought, why would I want to pay for a tool bag… you get one with just about every tool now days! Then they showed off the killer application, the reason you would buy them. So what could make a tool bag extremely useful? They clipped on the new Low-Profile Organizer right to the bottom of the bag. Say you get a call where you only need a few tools, toss them in the bag, clip your fasteners/bits/accessories organizer to the bottom, and away you go. Heck, throw the padded strap over your shoulder and you have two free hands to open doors or carry materials. Awesome setup.Milwaukee Packout - 6

The new bags come in 15″ and 20″ sizes and have the impact resistant polymer Packout-interface base and are made of 1680D ballistic nylon. They have top handles and padded shoulder straps. The 15″ will sell for $60 and the 20″ will sell for $70.Milwaukee Packout - 7

Packout System

There is a cooler, wall mount base, and a 4 wheel cart coming out later this year for the system but for now there are a total of 12 different offerings.Milwaukee Packout - 8

PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System

Tool Boxes
  • PACKOUT™ Rolling Tool Box                                       48-22-8426
  • PACKOUT™ Large Tool Box                                         48-22-8425
  • PACKOUT™ Tool Box                                                  48-22-8424
  • PACKOUT™ Organizer                                                  48-22-8431
  • PACKOUT™ Compact Organizer                                    48-22-8435
  • PACKOUT™ Low-Profile Organizer (NEW)                    48-22-8431
  • PACKOUT™ Compact Low-Profile Organizer (NEW)      48-22-8436
Storage Totes
  • PACKOUT™ 20” Tote                                                    48-22-8320
  • PACKOUT™ 15” Tote                                                    48-22-8315
  • PACKOUT™ 10” Tote                                                    48-22-8310
Tool Bags
  • PACKOUT™ 15” Tool Bag (NEW)                                   48-22-8321
  • PACKOUT™ 20” Tool Bag (NEW)                                   48-22-8322


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