Milwaukee 60” Mobile Work Station

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Milwaukee 60” Mobile Work Station 48-22-8560 Review

Tools are an investment and protecting them often guarantees years of productive use. Keeping your shop tools protected, organized and accessible in a tool storage box will save you time and money making your work efforts safer and easier.

I’m not talking about a Level 5 Aviation tool control system – just a simple system that you can tailor to work for you!

As far as tool storage goes Milwaukee is crushing the competition. This workstation hits many of our shop goals in one swoop – it’s a work station with flexible tool storage.

Milwaukee 60” Mobile Work Station

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 48-22-8560
Price: 698.00
Power source: 6-outlet UL listed power center built into side wall

Milwaukee 60” Mobile Work StationHeavy Duty Construction:

Constructed of reinforced angle iron frame and 5” industrial casters for ultimate durability, it measures 24” deep and 63-1/4” wide and 37.8”.  The frame and drawers have a powder coated paint;  red frame and black drawers.  The work station has a weight capacity of 2,200 lbs. and the workbench top is a one inch thick, reversible Maple hardwood top with a polyurethane coating on all 6 sides.


For its size, the Milwaukee 60” Mobile Work Station is remarkably easy to move. There is a long tubular handle to facilitate moving the work station around the shop or garage.  This handle an be mounted on either side of the unit. There are a total of six casters on this unit.  The 4 corner casters have a locking lever to lock down the unit.

Milwaukee 60” Mobile Work Station

Hanging Tool Storage

A 22” multi-position metal peg wall, is mounted to the rear of the work station, it has a 200 lb capacity, slides up or down, and can be set in a different heights.  I can also be removed to provide a lesser depth footprint. The pegboard provides a convenient place to store frequently used items.


There are 11 drawers, each operate with a pair of 100lb soft close slides.  [200 lb total capacity] All of the drawers have pre-cut rubber liners to protect your tools. Two larger, lower drawers have two pair of drawer slides, giving it a 400 lb. capacity, for heavier tools.

The unit has a cabinet door and a center moveable divider for larger items.  There are three locks, keyed alike, which give you the option of controlling access to different parts of the box.

One note on the drawer slides: In order to get this unit in my shop I needed to remove the drawers and rear peg board to eliminate weight.  When I inserted the drawers back into the full extension drawer slide I misaligned one, caused it to twist and broke it.  The twist resulted in the ball bearing component falling out of the drawer slide.  The drawer still works with out the ball bearings but not a smoothly. Replacement of my drawer slide is the only option, if you plan on removing the drawers, use care in aligning them back in.

Milwaukee 60” Mobile Work Station

Side shelf

A multi-position utility shelf is provided and can be mounted at different heights on the side of the work station. I mounted mine below the power strip to accommodate additional battery chargers. You do need to be aware of this shelf location as it is the perfect “shin catcher.”

Electrical Power

The Milwaukee 60” Mobile Work Station has a built-in power center [6 outlets] is located on the right side of the unit and allows you to plug tools or battery chargers in providing easy to reach access to power.

Milwaukee 60” Mobile Work StationSpecifications

  • Drawer dimensions: Two top drawers: 26.69 in. L x 19.88 in. W x 3.89 in. H; Two middle drawers: 25.79 in. L x 19.88 in. W x 2.8 in.; One drawer: 25.7 in. L x 19.88 in. W x 3.89 in. H; One drawer: 25.79 in. L x 19.88 in. W x 9.2 in. H
  • Right drawer dimensions for side: four drawers: 12.6 in. L x 19.88 in. W x 2.29 in. H; one bottom drawer: 12.6 in. L x 19.88 in. W x 9.2 in. H
  • Soft-close, 100 lbs. rated ball bearing drawer slides for smooth operation
  • 6-outlet UL listed power center built into side wall
  • Reinforced 6-Gauge angle-iron trolley base frame and 20-Gauge steel drawer and frame construction
  • (6) 5 in. x 2 in. industrial-grade, polypropylene casters (four swivel with brake and two rigid)
  • Pre-cut, premium, solid drawer liners that keep your tools in place are included
  • 22 in. D cabinet with black, anodized aluminum drawer pulls
  • 9.2 in. deep bottom drawers have double 100 lb. rated drawer slides, offering a 200 lb. load capacity
  • Adjustable-height side storage shelf
  • Removable long tool holder can be mounted to the side wall of the cabinet
  • Large push bar, steel tubular side handle can be mounted on either the left or right side of the cabinet
  • Adjustable-height shelf in bulk storage door area
  • Secure your tools with the 3-barrel key locking system; note: lock codes will match
  • Assembled dimensions with handles and casters installed (approximate): 63.25 in. W x 23.9 in. D x 37.8 in. H; with the pegboard fully extended, approximately 60 in. high and weighs approximately 402 lbs.


Rather see drawer than a cabinet I’d prefer to see more drawers.  To me vertical storage less important and I like the drawer storage options.  Below the built-in power strip are several screw bosses designed to mount battery chargers.  Unfortunately, these screw bosses that are Milwaukee friendly.  Alternatively you can always make your own charging backer board by screwing a plywood backer to the box with self tapping screws.

A vise option would be nice.  I will eventually mount my own vise to this units 1-inch thick Maple top.


I really like that this unit was designed with configurable functionality and organization options that professional users can tailor to their needs.  When you compare the price of $698 to other sized tool boxes, you cant help but be impressed.

After using this in the shop as a sharpening and small assembly station, I can tell you that it certainly MEASURES UP! It’s a great addition for a workshop assembly table  or rolling work station in a garage or large area shop.  The wheels allow you to stow it against a side wall and wheel it out when needed.

Milwaukee 60-inch Rolling Work Station Review

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