Milwaukee 18” and 24” Rolling Bags

Milwaukee 18” Job-site Rolling Tool Bag and 24” HARDTOP™ Rolling Bag Review

Milwaukee has expand their Storage Solutions with the introduction of the 18” Job-site Rolling Bag and 24” HARDTOP™ Rolling Bag. These new Rolling Bags are designed mobile solution to transport tools, and accessories, to and from the job-site.

Field research showed that guys wanted all of their tools protected and on the inside of their tool bag. There are basically 2 soft-bag competitors out there; Klein and Husky.

The Husky bag is big and clumsy and has tool storage on the outside, which results in lost tools. The Kleins a real nice bag, but Milwaukee took the User Experience [UX] to the next level.

Milwaukee Tool Bag Construction

The Milwaukee bags are constructed with 1680D Ballistic Material, the rolling bags feature 6” metal-rimmed, all-terrain wheels allow the Rolling Bags to roll over rough terrain.

The wheels are connected with a durable metal through-axle. All-metal skid plates provide additional protection for the wheels and axle from impacts or when climbing stairs.

Rolling Tool Bag Wheels – Innovation

But the important thing to note is that the Milwaukee rolling bag wheels protrude far enough put from the bag that you’re:

  • Not tearing up the bag on the steps
  • Traversing and navigating nicely up the steps with minimum to not contact on the step, depending on the step configuration.

Reconfigured Handles

One of the most common frustrations users have with other rolling bags available today is the weakness of the handles. To address this concern, Milwaukee designed its own industrial-grade extension handle for the Rolling Bags. They seem sturdy and well-reinforced. If you look at the red part of the handle there is a slight flare out, which allows you to hang your jacket or hardhat securely in place.

Another feature to note on the handles is their configuration. The telescoping rods have been oriented perpendicular to the bag to provide GREATER protection from bending and sheer forces. User generate these forces on the bags when pulling the bag and also by placing items placed on top of the bag and against the handles.

Milwaukee also widdened the handles. Most luggage and other tool bags typically have a 7″ handle spread and require the user to walk in front of the bag. The Milwaukee handles are 11-1/2″ wide which protects users from hitting their ankles [achilless heel] when walking with a heavy bag.

Milwaukee 24″ HARDTOP Rolling Bag

The 24” Rolling Bag has a HARDTOP lid built for stacking. The HARDTOP™ is designed to withstand up to 250 lbs, allowing you to use it as a lightweight dolly. That equates to more than three eighty pound [80 lb] bags of concrete.

There are two D-rings on the front of the bag, for lashing items to the hardtop, or to secure it in your trailer.

The hardtop also has 2 cup holders, or recessed wells for parts, screws and fasteners. An integrated V-groove built into the top is useful for holding and cutting pipe.

The 24” HARDTOP™ Rolling Bag has 53 pockets. The 24″ bag has rubber clips built into the top that secure the lid in an open by clipping onto the telescoping handles.

Milwaukee 18″ Rolling Tool Bag

The 18” Jobsite Rolling Bag is designed to carry up to 200 lbs and is optimized to fit in a job box, so you can leave it secured on site. Electricians will love this!!

The 18” Jobsite Rolling Bag has 66 pockets. Two velcro straps secure the lid open and not dropping on your head or wrists.

Tool Pockets – Storage

Each bag comes equipped with a large assortment of pockets for you to customize your tool and accessory storage needs.

Both bags also feature  a padded Tech pocket for HVAC / Cable / Low Voltage tech for an iPad or computer. This was geared toward the service and Maintenance and Repair Operations [MRO] guys

Both bags have a fold down front pocket for quick access hand tools. The inside main compartment, on both bags, is large enough for power tools and additional hand tools and parts.

A dedicated puncture-resistant pocket provides a convenient storage area for sharp tools, such as chisels or jab saws. Both bags also feature a water bottle pocket. We all need to drink more water or red Kool Aid. just kidding Milwaukee.

Both bags have a small D-ring located on the front of the bag, for hanging keys or electrical tape

Size and Cost

The Milwaukee 18” rolling bag measures 19-1/2” wide x 16” long x 21” high, weighs 23.6 lbs and
sells for $169.00

The Milwaukee 24” Hardtop bag measures 25” wide x 16”long x 21” high, weighs 27 lbs. and sells for $199.00.

Milwaukee 18” and 24” Rolling Bags

Improvement Suggestion

I’d like to see Milwaukee add a tape measure clip on the outside of the tool bags lid, and also a second one on the inside. While I’ll agree you can throw your tape into one of the many, spacious pockets, it’s not the same.

Are Tool Bags Worth It?

Research has shown that the key to becoming better organized on the job site is through the use of modular organizers, and through better transfer to tool in and out of the work area.

Milwaukee does a nice job of getting out on the job-site, alongside professional tradesmen, to understand the challenges they think about and deal with. As a remodeler, these tools bags are not for me, I use too many different tools, and they vary all the time.

But if you use the same tools over and over, every day, day in and day out these bags provide a ton storage solution, enhance safety and maximize productivity.

Milwaukee hit a home-run with these rolling tool bags!

Milwaukee Rolling Tool Bags Video Review

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