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Husky 22 in. Modular Container System (Models 230381, 236738, & 236667)

Earlier this year we were introduced to the Husky 22 in. modular container system.  This is a PRO-level, yet relatively inexpensive container system.  The suite is built around the flagship Husky 22 in. Connect Rolling Tool Box and is modular in design. You can also add on an additional Med. Toolbox, 10 or 22-piece small parts organizer, or 5-compartment tool caddy as required. We found the design to be sturdy and appealing in a minimalist way.  We are constantly moving tools to the job site or while on it so a dependable and durable container system is a must!  It is also a wise investment.  It’s easier and cheaper to replace a protective container than a critical tool.

Connect Rolling Toolbox (model 230381)

We were excited to check out the new Husky 22 in. modular container system and share our thoughts. First up is the Connect Rolling Toolbox, which has a few important key features.  Of note, this comes as a 3-piece starter set. We loved the size of the large rolling toolbox.  We also appreciated Husky’s design with the telescoping handle; they set the collapsed height just low enough so it allows the user to open a stacked medium toolbox without having to disconnect it from the rolling base. The wheels are large enough to easily handle stairs or gravel. The one minor drawback we noted was the lack of a tray option integrated into the rolling base design.

Specifications & Features | Connect Rolling Toolbox

  • Heavy-duty resin construction
  • Strong Interlocking design
  • 7 in. wheels
  • Telescoping aluminum handle
  • 3-pieces — Rolling Lg. toolbox, Med. toolbox, and 10-compartment organizer
  • 100 lb capacity
  • Dimensions — Inside; 18.5L x 11.5W x 13.25H (rolling base)

Connect Medium Toolbox (model 236738)

Next, we stacked the Connect Medium Toolbox onto the rolling base toolbox.  This is the foundational building block of the set.  The rolling base is not sold separately, so the medium toolbox is meant to be added as needed.  It is well sized to fit medium cordless or corded power tools like hammer drills, circular saws, or sanders. The overall size makes this a very versatile container. Some larger/longer tools may not fit well and must be stored in the mobile base (like a large worm-drive circular saw or a reciprocating saw).

Specifications & Features | Connect Medium Toolbox

  • Heavy-duty resin construction
  • Interior, removable, non-slide tray
  • Durable, metal latches
  • Top-mounted, foldaway handle
  • Built-in padlock eye
  • Dimensions — Inside: 18.5L x 9.75W x 7.5H / Outside: 22L x 12.28W x 10.83H


10-Compartment Small-Parts Organizer (model 236667)

Lastly, we added the 10-compartment small parts organizer to the mix to test it out.  This may have been our favorite part of the modular kit.  We always appreciate the time and hassle saved by organized small parts.  The clear lid made it very easy to grab the right organizer (since we had a few going). The lid also fits firmly enough over the tops of the small parts bins that there were no instances of spillage inside the container while moving.  We loved that!  We also appreciated the ability to remove the containers when required or re-arrange between multiple 10-piece organizers as required. The handle design was also solid during transport and when hand carrying.

Specifications & Features | 10-Compartment Small-Parts Organizer

  • Heavy-duty resin construction
  • Clear polycarbonate lid
  • 10 removable multiple size bins
  • Durable, metal latches
  • Side-mounted, foldaway handle
  • Dimensions — Inside: 18.5L x 9.75W x 3.5H / Outside: 22L x 11.89W x 4.49H

Final Thoughts

We were big fans of the Husky 22 in. modular container system.  It is a rugged and inexpensive container system.  The interlocking design worked well and stayed secure no matter where or when we decided to move our equipment. The locking mechanism is simply designed and rugged enough to last.  We appreciated the different size options.  Our only recommendation would be for Husky to consider adding a standalone, large-sized toolbox (with a lid), comparable in size to the rolling base, for upgrade purchase.  This would allow the kit to expand better to fit an even wider variety of job site required tools.

For the money, the Husky 22 in. modular container system is a great investment. There are more expensive set-ups on the market. For a no-frills design though, the Husky system performed well enough to make a basic part of our on-site kit.  This may not be the system for you if you buy tools from other manufacturers that come pre-packaged in a stackable container though.

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