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TSTAK Organizers Available In 4 Versions

Tstak Long Handle Toolbox

Manufacturer: DEWALT
Model number: DWST17808
Price: $26.99

Over the last year it seems every tool company has focused on hand tools and storage products. Last summer DEWALT unveiled a new storage system with their new TSTAK Organizers. We got our hands on each of the four new storage unit types and tested them out. Below are our thoughts on this cool new set of storage boxes.

Dewalt TStak BoxesFeatures and Specifications

  • Flexible platform allows different combinations
  • All units can stack on top of the other, connected with durable slide latches
  • Removable covered cups for organization of small parts & accessories
  • Removable dividers for organization of drills & bits
  • Ball bearing slides reliable for heavy-duty loads
  • Bi-material handle on top of each unit for easy & comfortable lifting
  • Heavy-duty metal latches for rust resistance
  • 4 new models to choose from include:

DWST17808 – TSTAK-I Long Handle Stackable Organizer

DWST17807 – TSTAK-II Flat Top Stackable Organizer

DWST17803 – TSTAK III 1 Drawer Tool Case

DWST17804 – TSTAK-IV 2 Drawer Tool Case

TSTAK Organizers

Getting Organized Is Getting Easier

Getting yourself organized can be an overwhelming feeling at times. This is especially true with tradesmen that bounce between a shop setting and projects in the “field”.  It gets even more complicated when you have tools associated with large volumes of accessories and/or consumables. That’s where the new DEWALT TSTAK Organizers really shine. The four models offered allow tradesmen the ability to easily store and transport tools, accessories and consumables in rugged tool boxes.

STAK Clasps

The cool part of this system is the ability to inter-lock each of the boxes in any configuration you want. Simply set one  of the boxes on top of the other, lift the tab and snap it onto the other box. The boxes are joined at the point and you can lift them as one. The clasp is very secure and easy to use.

As shown below the boxes come with label windows. I love this feature because you can easily label the boxes (something most tool boxes are difficult to accommodate).

TSTAK Lables


TSTAK I Foam Insert

The TSTAK I is a tool carrying Box with a medium size interior that you can use with the foam inserts shown above. These are great for sensitive tools like lasers, thermal imagers, distance measuring devices and things of that nature. The top includes a compartment for accessories and consumables. It’s also the only box that has a tall carrying handle and no clasps on top (this box can only be a top unit). The TSTAK I and II are best paired with the III and IV models (tools plus drawers) type of arrangement.

TSTAK I Top Storage Compartment


The TSTAK II (shown below) is a great all around open box perfect for pairing up tools. As I’ve done below you can pair cordless tools, you could pair up corded and cordless, the skies the limit. The nice thing here is you can fill it with tools and then pair it with one of the drawer units so you can have both tools and materials for the job.

TSTAK II with Drill and Impact Driver


The TSTAK III offers one deep drawer filled with plastic containers. The containers have lids to keep the contents in them during transport. The containers are great for putting fasteners and small parts in. You can get them to the jobsite, then take a container out and use them. For example, lets say you’re working on a ladder installing some anchors, you could keep them in the containers and take them up on the ladder or lift. This box matches up nicely with the TSTAK II when combined with power tools.

TSTAK III Covered Containers


The TSTAK IV is my favorite box. It comes with two full extension drawers with dividers. The drawer glides are just like what you see in cabinets which is quite impressive for a tool box. These boxes are great for bringing all kinds of accessories and fasteners into the field. The box reminds me of a mechanics tool box with nice drawers. This box also goes very well with the TSTAK I and II.

TSTAK IV Drawers

TSTAK Drawer Slides


Below is a quick overview of the TSTAK Organizers.

Overall Impression

The DEWALT TSTAK Organizers are a great system of boxes that will help you get organized around the shop and the jobsite. The system offers lots of flexibility as each box is sold separately and they are all interchangeable. The beauty of this system is the fact that it can be used by so many different trades like; carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, drywallers, etc.

The system is a great value due to the boxes selling for $25 to $40. Even though many of the components are plastic the boxes are very rugged and well built. The metal clasps and full extension metal drawer glides are heavy-duty and clearly designed for on the job use and abuse.

Tstak Long Handle Toolbox

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  1. Max

    Hi! Great review! Question: According to Dewalt specs, TSTAK IV comes with removable dividers on both drawers…Can you please confirm me that? I want to use one of those TSTAK IV to store my pliers in one and my screwdrivers in the other one…that´s why in one of the modules I don´t want the dividers on them. Thanks!

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Max – The dividers are removable in both drawers on the TSTAK IV. Thanks for checking out our review.

  2. Matt

    I see you have the 20v Drill and Impact Driver in the TSTAK II, but I’m curious if these same tools would fit in the large compartment of the TSTAK I the same way? I’d like to keep my drills and basic tools like a tape measure and bits and pencil all in one unit. Thanks!

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Matt – I’m not sure. If you send me an emial (todd “at” frontstepsmedia “dot” com) I’ll look into it for you. The email will help as a reminder.

  3. Thanks for posting your review… I watched your video last night and I have to say I ran out & bought my Tstak system today & I LOVE it!!! I also got the wheeled base so I can pull it anywhere I need to take it. I make glass beads and I am a jewelry designer. I do MANY trade shows and I know this is the perfect system for hauling my treasures. I love that I can add components to it. everything on it is smooth, I am impressed with the quality and I can separate the components to make transporting so much easier for me. I got it home and loaded it up for a show this weekend, loaded it in my vehicle and eliminated several awkward boxes that I would have to haul usually. I have to say it is so versatile. I highly recommend to anyone who hauls stuff on a constant basis. Not just for contractors, I think there are so many possible uses for this system.

  4. Edwin

    Do you know if DeWalt has plans to sell the bit case caddy? The part number is dt70716.

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