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Wheeler Professional Green Laser Bore Sighter Model 589922

Professional Laser Bore Sighter - Green

Manufacturer: Wheeler
Model number: 589922
Price: $179.99
Power source: Lithium 123A battery
Lasers have made such a huge impact on the tool industry and all the benefits they offer users of many different projects. One really useful application of lasers is in the form of bore sighters for guns. Whether you’re installing a traditional scope on a rifle or a red dot a laser bore sighter can be extremely helpful.

The folks over at Wheeler Tools sent us some gunsmithing tools to evaluate. One of them that I recently used is the Professional Green Laser Bore Sighter. Anyone that’s ever mounted an optic on a gun without bore sighting knows it can get real expensive at the range trying to get “on paper”. Using a laser bore sighter significantly speeds up the process of sighting in a firearm.

Quality Build

The Wheeler Professional Bore Sighter is a well built and quality tool. It’s made from a machined aluminum body with soft rubber over-molding that houses the laser module. Each unit is hand tuned during the manufacturing process with an innovative calibration mechanism. This allows for maximum precision, thus ensuring the best bore/optic alignment possible. Once precision calibration is completed the laser module is permanently secured in place insuring reliable performance and durability. It comes with a molded plastic storage case with a foam insert to protect the laser.

It uses a single Lithium 123A battery which is held in the lower cylinder and easily replaced. The laser is turned on with a large rubber button located on the bottom of the battery compartment.

Easy To Use Design

The Wheeler Professional Bore Sighter is a rather simple yet effective design. Essentially it’s a laser beam that mounts to the end of a gun muzzle with a strong magnet. According to Wheeler the magnetic connection provides a more precise alignment with the bore and it minimizes the risk of damaging the barrel.

The Bore Sighter will fit almost any firearm including rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers assuming the end of the barrel is flat and smooth. The design is different than an arbor style bore sighter that inserts into the end of the barrel. Arbor style lasers require fittings to adjust to the bore (caliber size) size of different guns. With this design it doesn’t matter what the type and caliber of the gun.

Green Laser Benefits

Wheeler makes a red laser version of this bore sighter however, the green laser is a great upgrade in my opinion. Green lasers are much more visible in daylight and there’s also one added bonus. I used the Wheeler Bore Sighter to site in a new red dot optic and it became obvious to me another added benefit to the green laser is having two different colors.


Shining the red dot at a target and turning on the green laser sighter allowed me to easily know which dot was which. Ultimately you’re trying to get both dots lined up on each other so does it really matter? Maybe not but it certainly felt like a nice benefit knowing which dot was which.

The green laser really shows up well in daylight conditions making it easy to see quickly. The size of the laser dot was a good match for the red dot as well.

Where To Buy

You can buy directly from Wheeler which is nice. They offer a wide range of tools for gunsmithing work including hard to find items. You can buy this laser bore sighter here:

Professional Laser Bore Sighter - Green

Overall Impression – Wheeler Professional Bore Sighter

The Wheeler Professional Bore Sighter (Green Laser) is a very well built tool with maximum versatility. At first I wasn’t sure about the magnetic design but after using it I really appreciate how versatile it is and how well it works. You can literally buy this one bore sighter and use it on virtually any firearm. I definitely recommend it for anyone that’s looking for a really good quality bore sighter.


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  1. Jave Dide

    Is the Wheeler professional laser sighter made in USA?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      There are zero markings on it for where is was made. I can’t find any information on that. Good luck.

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