Zipwall Dust Containment System – 4 Year Look-Back Review

Zipwall Dust Containment System – Look-Back Review

There’s nothing worse than getting that fine construction dust in parts of the house that you’re not working on.

In this look-back video review, I’m going to talk about the Zipwall Dust Containment System. I reviewed this system about 5-6 years back.

At that time I looked at the Zipwall “4 Pack Plus,” and later the foam rails. Since then I’ve grown my Zipwall system to include more poles, foam rails, washable sheet walls, and magnetic doors.


Back then I was impressed with how light the telescoping aluminum poles were.  Zip Wall Dust Containment System Poles are made of anodized aluminum making them durable and lightweight, only 1.8 lbs each.

In fact, 4 poles with the ZipWall carry bag, weigh less than 9 lbs.  That’s still true today, and most importantly all of the poles and springs have held up they still function properly.

I also told you that they were easy to adjust and set up in a matter of seconds. A simple counter-clockwise twist of the inner pole allows the poles to slide easily and enable you to quickly set up and make adjustments to your poles.

One interesting note:

The weight that the poles and jacks can hold depends on the strength of the person tightening the pole. On average most people will twist the poles tight enough so the pole can hold 60 to 80 lbs.  However, with a stronger tightening twist, a person can produce a hold of about 110 lbs.

Lastly, I told you that I tested the Zip wall poles on different ceiling surfaces.  This system works great on plaster, drywall, textured or popcorn, and suspended ceilings.

Did We Get It Right?

OK  So Did we get It Right?  Yep, we did.

Time and frequency of use are great measures of the quality of a product. So let’s talk about what’s not held up or failed over time:

Room for Improvement?

  1. Carry Bags:

I’ve blown out every Zipwall bag I get, and I’ve ordered replacements. These poles store in my tool trailer.  I’m guessing that poles slide against the bag’s end panel, during transport, and it fails. Additionally, most of my bags carry straps have failed but I’m guessing that my fault.  I stuff them full to the gills.

  1. Foam Rails:

I’ve had two foam rails tear. After five years of job site use, that’s not actually a bad record. Some of that could be the result of the foam getting pinched in the bags with everything else.

  1. Plastic non-skit plate attachment:

I’ve had several of the female portions of the non-skid plates break over time. I don’t typically use these skid-plates anymore and opt to use the foam rails.

  1. Zipper doors:

I stopped using the zippered door the day the magnet door became available. I haven’t had one long-term job where the zippers haven’t failed. Do yourself a favor and splurge on the magnetic door – you won’t be disappointed.

Would We Buy This Today?

So the last question you’ll want to know – Would I buy this system today? Hell yes!  As a remodeling contractor, I learned early on that learning how to control remodeling dust and keeping out of the non-remodeled portion of your client’s home is often more important than the quality of your work.

This system makes me a hero with my clients. It shows that I care about their house and take my work seriously.

Flexible System

The ZipWall system is a flexible option that accommodates different-sized spaces, and multiple applications. All without damaging the space.



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