ZipDoor Magnetic Door Kit

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ZipDoor Magnetic Door Kit Review

ZipDoor Magnetic Door Kit

Manufacturer: ZipDoor
Price: 98.00
Power source: Dust Barrier System
Weight: 2.4 lbs
The ZipDoor Magnetic Door Kit is going to be a real game-changer for me in my remodeling projects. I’ve been using Zipwall poles for at least 10 years now, and the older version of the magnetic door sine they came out several years ago. It’s a nice system but it’s always been tough to get a good seal with the metal poles.

This new magnetic door version is designed to seal directly to the door trim or wall or on a plastic dust wall. Zipwall recommends using their double-sided tape which has a gentle adhesive on one side to protect door trim and wall paint, and a stronger adhesive to adhere to the magnetic panel in place.

How To Install the ZipDoor Magnetic Door Kit

• Apply double sided tape to the door frame.
• Peel away the paper backing to expose the other side of the tape.
• Position the magnetic panel squarely over the doorway and align it so the bottom firmly touch’s the floor.
• Press panel into the tap., start at the top and then work down the sides.
• If you’re applying the magnetic door to a plastic dust barrier wall, first using a marker, layout and mark the doorway perimeter and then install duct tape around the doorway frame. Follow the exact same directions as we just mentioned. Then cut a slit in the plastic by opening the door. Then cut out the plastic just inside the duct tape,

Reusable Box | What’s In The Kit

What’s neat is that everything you need comes packed in a tough, reusable box. Inside, you’ll find one self-closing magnetic door panel, three rolls of 1″ × 24′ ZipWall double-sided tape (enough for four setups), and a plastic sheeting cutter. The door panel itself is made from high-tech fire-proof fabric.

ZipDoor Magnetic Door Kit | Features

• Easy set up with the double-sided tape
• Reusable
• Covers doorways up to 46″ × 86.”
• Self-closing magnets, ensures your door stays shut.
• Stores in its own box and lives in my van.

Closing Thoughts

Learning how to control remodeling dust and keeping out of the non-remodeled portion of your client’s home is often more important than the quality of your work

The ZipWall system is the ideal dust control barrier and the self-closing feature on the magnets is a hands-free feature and a time saver when your carrying stuff. It cost $98 and if your careful it will last years.



ZipDoor Magnetic Door Kit Video Review

At the end of the day this magnetic door provides remodeler, contractors, DIYers a flexible option that accommodates variously sized door openings and multiple applications. Its professional look to your clients, effective at controlling dust and pays dividends on your initial investment.


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