Yellow Jacket 8-Outlet Metal Power Block 5148

Yellow Jacket 8-Outlet Metal Power Block 5248

Yellow Jacket 8-Outlet Metal Power Block 5148 Review

We recently started using Yellow Jacket 8-Outlet Metal Power Block 5148 on the jobsite and in the shop. The Yellow Jacket power strip is a length of electrical sockets attached to the end of a flexible cable that plugs into an electrical receptacle. Power strips are typically used where electrical demand near a wall receptacle is in demand.
Power strips, also known as re-loadable power taps, strip plugs, power taps and temporary power taps were invented and designed to be used with a number of low-powered loads, such as computers, peripherals, or audio/video components or devices that have an ampere rating less than the load served. We see them everyday on the job-site used by contractors trying to maximize access to power, and also to prevent tripping the breaker.
The Yellow Jacket 8-Outlet Metal Power Block 5248 has a durable design with a tough metal housing, is well suited for the garage, workshop, and basement where you need to add overload protection.

What Makes The Yellow Jacket Block So Special?

The Yellow Jacket 8-Outlet Metal Power Block 5148 has 8 outlets, there is a 4 outlet version.
It also features a convenient 2.4 Amp USB charging port that is protected with flexible debris cover.  This means you can get a cellphone or tablet charging without having to use that bulky charging plug adapter.
One feature that caught my eye was the integrated cord wrap, which allows me to easily wrap the cord around the block housing. The 14/3 cord itself measures 6-feet long  and has a cord clip plug.
The name Yellow Jacket easily explains the high visibility yellow color – which is a great safety color on a jobsite. A lighted on/off switch and a 15A breaker protect and control the block.
Another feature that is not readily apparent but is real nice is the spacing of the outlets. Two outlets are spaced further apart from the rest, to allow for larger adapter plugs.  Many times charging and adapter plugs are large and will block the ability to use an adjacent plug, rendering that the covered plug useless.  The separation was built in to keep all of the plugs open for use.
At approximately $26.00 this power block is worth the price in features and durability.

Yellow Jacket 8-Outlet Metal Power Block 5248Features

  • Cord length: 6′
  • Metal housing
  • 2.4A USB with flexible debris covers
  • Cord management with cord clip plug
  • High visibility 14/3 cord
  • Conveniently and safely add outlets anywhere you need them.
  • Resettaable breaker switch
  • Overload protection
  • 8 outlets
  • Weighs 1.7 pounds
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 3.5 x 1.5
  • Color: yellow

Yellow Jacket 8-Outlet Metal Power Block 5248Note On Using Power Strips

A lot of power tools are better off being run as short a cord as possible while staying as close to the power source as possible to minimize voltage drop and wear & tear on the motors. High draw devices are better plugged directly into an outlet or a larger gauge extension cord.

Overload of these power strip devices is a real problem. It’s important to know how much electricity is required to run a given device before you plug into a power strip. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for wattage specs on your devices or tools.

The Yellow Jacket 8-Outlet Metal Power Block 5148 sells online for $25.00: Yellow-Jacket-5148-8-Outlet-Blockwith2-4A

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