Milwaukee M12 QUIETSHELL Jacket Review

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Milwaukee Men’s M12 QUIETSHELL RealTree-Pattern Jacket

Milwaukee M12 QUIETSHELL Jacket

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 224C-21M
Power source: Cordless
Motor size: 12V (M12)
I am a big fan of being warm, especially being a New England Native and dealing with the winter weather that comes with it. So when I got a chance to test out the new Milwaukee M12 QUIETSHELL Jacket it was a pretty easy yes! I wore it on the jobsite, in the woods, in an unheated shop, and even while putting up holiday decorations. No matter the task, this jacket performed exceptional. So let’s get into the detail!

Specifications & Features | Milwaukee M12 QUIETSHELL Jacket


  • Power Source: M12 Battery w/ base
  • Heat Zones: 2 (core & pocket)
  • Heat Settings: 3 total (H/M/L)
  • Heating Elements: Composite Carbon Fiber
  • Heating Time: 2 ½ min.
  • Material: Stretch Polyester


  • Synthetic materials provide noise-reduced movement
  • Individually heat settings for both zones
  • Front or Rear battery pocket
  • Wind & water resistant
  • Bottom seam- integrated drawstring
  • RealTree Camouflage pattern

Range of Heat Options

Let’s start by talking about the overall heat performance on the Milwaukee M12 QUIETSHELL Jacket. Because what good is a heated jacket if it just can’t produce enough heat? Well luckily that’s not the case with this jacket. I wore it outside consistently during a mostly 28-33 degree November week on Cape Cod and was quite comfortable.

There are also 2 separate heat “zones.” And you can set different heat levels for them independently (more on that in a bit). I find that I don’t often have my hand in my pockets since I am usually using them for the job at hand (pun intended). I tend to wear gloves, either work or thin winter) vice use the pockets. So the ability to crank the heat on the body-based heating elements and minimize the heat level for the pocket elements was great. It allowed me to conserve some battery life and easily adjust the heat zones as required.

I also loved that I could choose my desired heat level; and that I had 3 options- Low, medium, or high. I found that the low setting was just about right in 40-45-degree weather for me. And by the time the temps were dropping below freezing I was adjusting the heat to the high setting. Milwaukee also aced the ease-of-use test by incorporating backlight buttons in a color scheme to match the heat settings. This did 2 things – helps you easily identify the current heat setting and find the buttons to adjust them in the dark. It was a QUIETSHELL highlight (another pun intended) for sure.

Battery Performance

The next main question is how long did the battery last? The Kitted QUIETSHELL jacket comes with a REDLITHIUM 3.0 Ah battery. I found myself constantly checking the battery state at first but after a few days of consistently wearing it I started to trust the battery life and get a feel for the settings. My key takeaway was that with XX batteries you can easily get a full days heat out of the jacket on the jobsite. Whether or not you want to use the M12 batteries in your jacket vs. tools is another question altogether…

Comfort & Design

The Milwaukee M12 QUIETSHELL Jacket is wicked comfortable. The stretch Polyester material is very soft inside and out. The cut of the chest allowed me to comfortable wear a long-sleeved thermal underneath without feeling bunched up. And even better it ran true to size. I usually wear a medium in jackets and always debate on getting a large to accommodate wearing it over a thermal or sweater, but I went with a medium and it was perfect! The jacket was also long enough, especially when combined with a drawstring waist cord, that it stayed down when I was reaching or stretching to finish a job.

Battery Storage Options

Another comfort feature is the option to pass the battery through to either the front or rear compartment of the left pocket. This was essential for jobsite comfort although i found the pocket to be a bit too big which allowed the battery to slide around. A couple of times the battery even worked its way from the back to the front pocket via the pass-through hole in the seam. For example, when I was on a ladder leaning against a house, I moved the battery to the rear part of the pocket. It ensured it wasn’t jabbing into the front of my hip. But when I went into the office to put together an estimate, I moved it to the front and was able to comfortably sit in a chair.

Final Thoughts | Milwaukee M12 QUIETSHELL Jacket

The Milwaukee M12 QUIETSHELL Jacket is a winner. It’s a medium weight jacket that deliver a warmth factor comparable to a heavier coat. The Quietshell fabric and design make it extremely comfortable to wear. The option to wear the battery in either a front or rear pocket, combined with the dual zone heating elements, provides just the right amount of wearer flexibility to keep you happy. It feels fairly priced at $220 with an included battery. And the option to buy it as “tool only” makes it even more affordable for folks who already have some M12 batteries lying around. So no need to overthink it like I am below; it’s a no brainer!

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