Milwaukee 3-in-1 Heated Jacket Review

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Milwaukee 3-in-1 Heated Jacket Review

Milwaukee 3-in-1 Heated Jacket-2Back in June of 2015 we got our first look at the next generation of jobsite heated gear. Milwaukee has been in this game for awhile now, 6 years, and they have more experience than anyone. This experience was very apparent when we got our first look at the 3-in-1 Heated Jacket. This jacket was unlike any other heated jacket we had seen to date.

As a side note, this is a long term review. I’ve worn this setup for the better part of 2 seasons. That’s roughly 5 months, at least 5 days a week, and many weekends too. The close up photos of the jacket features were taken at the end of season 2, that’s why the rivets and zippers are shiny. Everyday use will do that.

3-in-1 Heated Jacket Features

  • Washer and dryer safe
  • Up to (8) hours of run-time with M12™ REDLITHIUM™ 2.0 Compact Battery Pack
  • One -touch LED controller with (3) heat settings per heat zone
  • Ripstop Polyester outer shell with FreeFlex™ Mobility Gussets
  • Riveted and reinforced pocket edges, and tarnish resistant metal zippers
  • Integrated rib knit cuffs, exterior storm flap, and drop tail extended back
  • (4) large outer pockets, (1) quick-access pencil pocket, (2) large inner pockets, (1) inner zip pocket, (1) low-profile battery pocket
  • Color: Black
  • Wind/Water Resistant
  • M12™ Battery Holder with 2.1A USB Charger

Versatility and Durability

Every contractor knows that jobsite workwear has to be just as versatile as it is durable. This is where the Milwaukee 3-in-1 heated jacket really shines. Take the outer shell, it’s made with a ripstop fabric meaning that it won’t run if you hook it on a nail. It also has riveted pockets and the edges are lined with rubber. The outer shell is also really light but extremely warm. It has a quilted interior lining and flexible armpit gussets. It has full freedom of movement for your arms. And if you are working overhead, the outer jacket has a slight tail to cover your backside.

The heated hoodie is more of the same. Reinforced pockets, metal zippers, and the material that was used for the gussets on the outer jacket is now used as additional wear protection on the hoodie. The sleeve cuffs and the waste cuff are rib knit material so that it keeps heat in and snow/cold out.Milwaukee 3-in-1 Heated Jacket-7

Killer Feature of the 3-in-1 Heated Jacket

Milwaukee 3-in-1 Heated Jacket-4

Reinforced Pockets

The reason anyone buys heated gear is for the heat. So, how is the heating system setup? The 3-in-1 heated jacket has its heat elements in the hoodie which is exactly where you want them, as close to the body as possible. It has 3 elements, 1 on the back and 2 just under the pectoralis muscles on each side of the zipper. There are three heat modes, low, medium, and high. On low the heat runs for 8 hours on a 2.0 battery. Step up to a new 3.0 or use the M18 adapter and you can run it much longer.

How well does it work? The point of any heated gear is to take the chill off so that you can keep working. If it makes you too hot, that isn’t helpful either. The three heat zones raise the inside temp of the jacket around 20 degrees fahrenheit. That’s pretty much perfect if you’re working outside and the temp is in the teens. The if it’s warmer than that the insulation is usually enough to keep me warm without the heat on. To be perfectly honest, the only time I wear the outer coat is when it is near zero or below zero. Any colder than that and it is really hard to keep my fingers warm to do much of anything productive.

Clothing Fit

Milwaukee 3-in-1 Heated Jacket-3

Fits well with the bags on

I’m 6’2″ 250 lbs with a 32″ inseam. Even with my monkey torso, the jacket covers well. It is relatively form fitting which is what you want from the heated layer, as close to the body as possible. I also wear the hoodie under my bags. Sometimes both coats under the bags. I highly encourage you to still go try it on. Everyone is shaped a little differently and I’ve seen a couple complaints about it bunching in the belly from slimmer folks. I haven’t experienced that though. Like I said, try it on for yourself. Bring your bags with too so you can make sure the suspenders don’t interfere with the battery pocket.

Bottom Line

Those of us in the north need functional and durable workwear to keep working through the winter months. Winter conditions add enough to the cost of a job, having warm workers can at least produce better labor returns. The Milwaukee 3-in-1 Heated Jacket is by far the most functional and durable piece of workwear we’ve seen to date.


M12 3-in-1 Heated Jacket





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