Hart C-Clamp Review

Hart  C-Clamp Review

This last summer Hart tools released a number of new and innovative tools including the previously reviewed Hart 2-Inch CinchTight Clamp. Another welcomed addition is the new line of Hart C-Clamps. Often times I use C-Clamps in welding or other metal work. I’ll even use them from time to time in woodworking projects. They are the tool I grab when I need an unmovable clamping force.Hart C-Clamp-5

What makes the Hart C-Clamps different

C-Clamps have been around for well over 80 years. While researching their history for this article I came across a patent from 1937 for a newly enhanced C-Clamp design that makes course adjustments quicker. The inventors last name coincidentally happens to be Robillard. Perhaps he was one of Rob’s distant relatives.

Just as it was back in 1937, the ability to adjust a C-Clamp faster is a really useful feature. The Hart C-Clamps take this idea and implement it better. They use two spring loaded pawls that lock into the acme screw for traditional clamp operation but can be depressed to release the threads. This allows the screw to slide in and out effortlessly.

Another useful feature is that the handle can pivot 90 degrees. It can be oriented in the ‘T’ configuration like a traditional c-clamp for exerting maximum force or inline with the screw for a similar feel as a woodworking clamp. I should also mention that the size of the handle is a great fit in the hand. It is much better than the little skinny barbell style handles that come on traditional c-clamps.

Hart C-Clamps in use

Recently I had to change out the rotors and pads on my wife’s SUV. They were the original pads and rotors and had been in place for 6 years. I used the Hart C-Clamps to back the piston back into the caliper to accommodate the wider pads. The 4″ clamp was just big enough but Hart also makes a 6″ and 8″ clamp which would have been useful if the piston was out any further. With the clamp I was able to slowly back the piston into the caliper and then slip the new pads in. The plastic no mar pad on the clamp ensured that the new pads were not damaged while pushing the piston back. The Hart C-Clamp accomplished the work like any other clamp I’ve used for the same task but it did it faster and with less effort. I can’t think of any improvement they could make to this tool, it is pretty much perfect.

Hart C-Clamp-1


  • Clamping Strength: 2,500lbs (all sizes)
  • Jaw Width: 4″, 6″, or 8”
  • Maximum Opening: 4″, 6″, or 8”
  • Throat Depth: 3″, 3.5″, or 4”
  • Limited lifetime warranty for life of tool

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