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BORA Speedhorse Review – Model PM-4500

ACME Tools - BORA SpeedHorse 2pk

Manufacturer: BORA
Model number: PM-4500
Weight: 17.9Lbs

Mobility is crucial to remodeling we all know that. Another thing that is well known is having to pack up and move to another job in the same day is time consuming. BORA Speedhorses change that! As a remodeling contractor we feel that our tools need to be easily deployed and picked up at the end of the job, this includes our sawhorses and work stations as well.

BORA designed their Speedhorse jobsite workhorses with speed and ease of use in mind. There are tons of sawhorse options on the market. Some range from dirt cheap to very expensive, home made to indestructible, and small to large. BORA’s Speedhorse are on the expensive side, very dependable with a 1500lb weight capacity and have a small footprint.

BORA has been a global manufacturer of power tool accessories since 2006. BORA also acquired the Centipede Portable Work System in 2017 and also produce a great universal mobile base option for your shop tools.

Rapid Deployment

We all know time is money, and its very hard to calculate the time it takes to set up your sawhorses so we are not going to try. What we will discuss is the quick deployment and the ease of use these Speedhorses have. BORA says 1.6 seconds from zero to set up and we are not going to challenge that. These Speedhorses are lightening fast! With the press of a lever these horses deploy and are ready to be used.


BORA Speedhorse each have a 1500lb weight capacity. That is some serious weight. We did not have anything like that on our horses while we were reviewing them, however at one point we did have fourteen 2x8x12 pressure treated boards on them during the framing phase of one of our deck projects. We used a Wood Weight Calculator to get the total “rough weight” of each board. Average weight is roughly 43.8lbs. That is a total is 613.2lbs of wood with no issues or wobble. Victor decided to add a modest 236.8lbs of weight as well, rounding it off to 850.0Lbs.

Store and Go

Tired after a long day on the job? BORA has you covered! Much like their rapid deployment lever, the BORA Speedhorses have a lever that you lift up when done and the legs automatically fold in and store without hassle. Unlike other fold out sawhorses, the Speedhorse legs can be stored in any order because there is no any specific sequential order.

Manufacture Specifications

  • Quick-deploy and quick-collapse legs — Instant setup is 30x faster than conventional sawhorses. Both setup and tear down take mere seconds.
  • Best-in-class weight capacity — Each individual unit can support 1500 lbs. — 200 lbs. more than the leading competitors.
  • Non-sequential leg folding — To tear down your worksite, just pull the levers on each end and fold the legs up — doesn’t matter which order.
  • Longer, pre-drilled top — More length means more stability. The pre-drilled metal top allows you to screw in a 2×4 as a sacrificial top, saving your equipment from damage.

The BORA Speedhorses were also awarded 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Award in the sawhorse and tables category!

Overall Impression

As a remodeler contractor its imperative to have a good reliable set of saw horses. BORA Speedhorses will not only save time on the jobsite but make it safer for myself and crew. While these horses are more expensive than the cheap plastic ones, they will pay dividends in the long run. They are well worth the investment in our professional opinion.

ACME Tools - BORA SpeedHorse 2pk

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