Werner Aluminum Work Platform Review

Werner Aluminum Work Platform Review – Model AP-2030

Aluminum Adjustable Pro Work Platform

Manufacturer: Werner
Model number: AP-2030-MP3
Price: $109.00
Weight: 21.5lbs

We can not stress safety enough here at Tool Box Buzz. It’s a topic that we take with the utmost seriousness when you consider that 3 out of 10 non-fatal injuries in 2019 were fall-related.

Slips trips and falls can be avoided, and having the correct, safe working platform or ladder will reduce the risk of injuries, keeping you on the job site instead of on the sidelines.

Werner is one of the trusted names in the ladder industry. Trusted by professionals in every industry, Werner combines end-user research with technology that is industry-leading to produce the highest level of climbing equipment.

Werner AP-2030 Jobsite Performance

During a 2 family multi-family flip, we used the Werner Work Platform to install crown molding in the kitchen and hallway areas. Having the ability to safely stand and move while working was key to our success. Not having to relocate a small step ladder multiple times allowed us to install the molding faster.  Being almost 4′ long and safely working to the right and left we were able to cover about 8′-10′ at once without moving the platform. The 14″ wide platform makes walking and turning around a non fall issue.


Setting Up and Breaking Down the Werner Platform

To open the legs is very simple. There are no latches or pins, just 2 yellow locks that you pinch together and swing open the ladder. Once fully opened, the locks engage preventing the legs from inadvertently closing on you. When folding the platform, simply pinch the same yellow tabs and the legs swing in and  lock closed, preventing them from opening during transportation.

Adjusting the Step Height

Once you have securely opened the work platform adjusting the height is a breeze. There is a lever you push in on the platform step that extends the bottom of the legs out to the desired height. The work platform can adjust from 20″ fully closed to 30″ at max extension. The same goes for closing them up, all you do is press the button and slide the legs up and they lock in place. The wide feet also provide excellent stabilization for the work platform.

Werner Work Platform Handle

Our initial thought was the handle could result in a twisted ankle. Since it is right smack in the middle of the work platform. We were surprised this was not an issue at all. Having the handle in the middle allows you to carry the platform easily to and from the work area. The work platform folds up nicely and has a very small footprint for your van, truck, or trailer.

Werner Work Platform Key Features and Specifications

  • Large 46in x 14in platform provides a wide standing platform
  • Work platform adjusts from 20″ to 30″ high providing an 8ft to 9ft reach
  • The compact size, lightweight, and EASY-GRAB handles make it simple to carry your work platform quickly and safely
  • Height adjustment allows the work platform to be set on stairways
  • Wide feet provide stability without the need for manual adjustment
  • Quick set up with one-handed lock and height adjustments
  • Dual self-locking legs securely lock when opened for safety and lock again when closed for easy transport and storage. Locks in BOTH the open and closed positions.
  • Openwork platform with legs fully extended: 30in high, 62in wide, 20in deep
  • Single work platform in the closed position: 46.9in length, 20in width, 4.2in high, 21.5 lb weight
  • Dimensions of 3 pack display carton: 48.2in length, 13.8 in height, 20.7in width, 69 lb weight

Safety Always Comes First

We aren’t asking you to google fall injuries, but if you did you would see that most of them can be prevented.  Most falls occur at lower heights and most injures are when people think it is ok because it’s only a foot or two. Having a reliable work platform makes sense. One that is manufactured by one of or in our opinion the best in the business. The Werner Aluminum work platform – model AP-2030 is worth the investment!



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