Truewerk T1 Werkpants Review

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Truewerk T1 Werkpants

Truewerk T1 Werkpants

Manufacturer: Truewerk
Model number: T1 Werkpants
Price: $79.00
We recently looked at the Truewerk T1 Werkpant.  Truewerk, is one of the most recognizable clothing brands, in the construction industry.

I always get hot on the job site, regardless of the temperature. Even if it’s below zero outside, I’m sweating! I’ve always wanted a pair of pants that are both lightweight and breathable while yet being robust and rough. The Truewerk T1s, dubbed their “summer” pants, have been fantastic in the fall and are now transitioning into the winter.

Truewerk T1 Werkpants Specifications

  • Abrasion, Tear, and Water Resistant
  • Breathable
  • 4 Way Stretch
  • Double Stitched
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Perfect for Warm Weather

Truewerk Performance

As previously stated, I am sweating regardless of the task, whether inside or outside. I prefer to blame it on the heavy apparel I’m wearing rather than my plumpy figure! My nemesis has always been denim jeans. When I spotted Truewerk’s breathable work pants, I knew they were exactly what I needed. Truewerk pants are made of 4 way stretch cloth and are flexible when bending down. They have a large range of motion and are not constrictive in the crotch or knee area. It’s not a problem to bend over and the ups and downs we face daily.

T1 Werkpant Materials

These pants are composed of 80% nylon, 15% polyester, and 5% spandex. The four-way stretch refers to the ability to stretch both horizontally and vertically; many pants only have two-way stretch or none at all. There’s also a gusseted crotch to provide you with more mobility. The lining of the pants also has a treatment that disperses moisture away from the skin and into the pants. It disperses moisture and dries fast, making it ideal for hot weather.

Even for bigger fellas, the T1 Werkpants fit true to size. Because of the 4-way stretch material they are made of, I felt they could be too tight for me at a modest 40×30. These pants did NOT shrink even after being washed several times. These trousers’ water resistance allows water to bead off and dry in a short amount of time.

Perfect Pocket Placement

The T1 Werkpants have a great pocket setup. Here is a breakdown of the T1 Werkpant Pockets

  • 2 rear pockets
  • 2 front pockets
  • right front zippered pocket
  • cellphone pocket – Right thigh
  • pen/pencil pocket – Right thigh
  • Secured Zip pocket – Right thigh

In our opinion, the best pockets are the right thigh area pockets. This pocket fits the new iPhone 13 and a Pica-style pencil! The zippered pocket is good for securing items you don’t want to lose.

I hate having to put my cellphone in my rear pocket as I have cracked the screen twice in the past year!

Overall Thoughts

As a husky man, finding sturdy, comfortable, and non-restrictive pants has been a difficult task. Truewerk holds these characteristics that we all seek. Designed for us industrial athletes who are continuously pushing the boundaries of every thread! These pants are also priced just as good as they feel, coming in priced at $79.00. This implies there will be no more swamp ass for us big dudes.

Truewerk T1 Werkpants

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    1. Scott Arnold

      Hi Sharron,
      The T1 pants are designed lighter for the warmer seasons – spring/summer
      The T2 pants are little thicker for 3 seasons spring, summer and fall
      The T3 pants are heavier for the late fall and winter months.

      Hope this helps – TBBCrew Scott A

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