Diamondback “The Seven” Deluxe Vest System Review

~ This article was written by apprentice carpenter Luke Thacker – at Concord Carpenter LLC

Diamondback “The Seven” Deluxe Vest System

Manufacturer: Diamondback
Model number: “The Seven” Deluxe Vest
Price: 579.00
I’ve owned and worn two tool belts in my short career – a Husky carpenter tool belt and later an AWP trap jaw oil-tan leather tool rig, both worn around the waist. Despite their utility, I have always felt there could be something better.

As an apprentice, my mentors are always pushing efficiency. Efficiency is key in our line of work, and finding tools that not only make the job easier but also reduce strain on our bodies is paramount. So I am always looking for the best, most efficient ways to make my job easier, allowing me to produce a better product, while putting less stress on my body.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to test out Diamondback’s “The Seven” Deluxe Vest System. This system combines the 701 vest, two pouches called the MULE and the SxS (side by side), a hammer holster, and a flat bar holster.

Key Features of “the Seven” Tool Vest Include:

• Lightweight nylon mesh
• Integrated Tightening-Adjustable Belt
• Shock-absorbing elastic back
• 6 Front Attachment Points
• 6 Rib/Hip Tightening Adjustment Straps
• Hook & Loop Adjustable Shoulder Straps
• Storage Loop
• Lumbar/Shoulder Support Pads

First Impressions

Initially, I didn’t expect much more from the vest than additional pockets—which, of course, are always helpful. However, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not often you hear a contractor in their prime complaining about back and hip issues. Yet, with traditional waist belts, I could feel the strain on my body after a long day’s work. Bruises on the hips and lower back pain were all too familiar. But after just one day wearing “The Seven” vest, the weight distribution alone made a noticeable difference, relieving the usual discomfort.

Other Benefits of “The Seven” Vest:

• More pockets
• Hammer and catspaw/flat bar holsters
• Speed square slot
• Plenty of places to hook tools

These features set “The Seven” vest apart from traditional tool belts. No longer do I have to cram multiple tools into one pouch due to lack of space. With “The Seven” vest, there’s ample room for all my tools and then some. The addition of holsters for the hammer and catspaw/flat bars was a game-changer. No more hammer smacking against my legs or tools constantly falling out of my bag. The speed square slot also eliminates the hassle of juggling it with other tools. And with numerous spots to hang tools, the vest offers unmatched convenience on the job

Setting up “The Seven” Deluxe Vest System

Setup and Sizing Setting up my tools in “The Seven” vest was a breeze, taking only 15 minutes. The vest’s sizing, with options for M/L and XL, accommodates a wide range of body types.

The sizing of the 701 vest:

The vest is the carry system for the tool bags and accessories, sizing is important as you want this vest to be able to zip over summer and winter clothing.

• The M/L Vest fits waist, torso, and chest sizes 32-44.
• XL fits waist, torso, and chest sizes 42-52.

Despite initial concerns about the waist size (I’m a 30”), the fit with work clothing was perfect. Plus, the vest’s comfortable design ensures no itching or discomfort, even during long hours on the job.

Areas for Improvement

My boss, [Rob]  always asks the question, “how can we improve this process? How can we be better?” In reality, “The Seven” vest leaves little room for improvement, though there are a couple of minor details worth noting:

  • Pouches on the front of the vest can sometimes drop bits, sharpies, pencils, and more.
  • Adjustable straps may loosen more often than desired.

With the straps, I find myself occasionally re-tightening them to keep them snug, this is really not a deal breaker, but it is a maintenance issue to keep the vest tight to my body. Both Rob [my boss] and Dan [lead carpenter] on our team have also noticed this issue on these vests. Maybe Diamondback can add in something to restrict slippage.

Pricing and Availability

The retail price for “The Seven” Deluxe Vest System is $579 on Diamondback’s website. While it’s a significant investment, the durability and functionality of this system make it well worth the cost for any serious contractor.

When spread over a year, this investment averages out to just $11 per week. If you’re eyeing this tool vest with envy but find the price daunting, consider making small adjustments to your daily expenses. For instance, bringing lunch from home or opting for a travel mug instead of buying coffee can free up funds to afford the vest. Take control of your future; stop letting envy hold you back.

Final Thoughts

It’s only been a few weeks since I started using “The Seven” vest, but I can’t see myself going back to traditional tool belts. Diamondback has truly outdone themselves with this product. The quality and materials ensure a superior product, unmatched by any other brand. As a contractor, having an advanced tool belt like this not only improves performance but also positively impacts my body, promising greater longevity in the trade.

Thank you for reading my first-ever review! I’m excited to continue supporting the advancement of the trades and the #KeepCraftAlive movement.

~Luke Thacker, Apprentice Carpenter on Concord Carpenter Team

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