Diamondback GRRande Tool Bag System Review

DiamondBack GRRande Tool Bag System

Diamondback The GRRande

Manufacturer: Diamondback
Model number: GRRande
Price: 454.00

What is more important to a contractor? A better fitting, evenly weight distributed tool belt or a set of bags that you can load up and not have to make a bunch of trips to the reload fasteners or tools? Well, now you do not have to pick one or the other. Diamondback has developed a set of tool bags that does both! Diamondback teamed up with our buddy Kyle Stumpenhost from RRBuildings out of Illinois and created the Diamondback the GRRande.  It was his idea to have a set of bags that could meet the demands of contractors who needed to carry large diameter/quantities of fasteners and the ability to easily access them.

Our crew members have been using Diamondback Tool Belts for quite a long time. We have been evaluating the GRRande bags day in and day out on the job site for a little over a month on several deck builds.  Our decks require large diameter fasteners as well as large quantities of fasteners. Having a bag that can hold what you need, when you need it is worth its weight in gold and Diamondback is just that GOLD!!

The GRRande Break Down

The GRRande tool belt set is made up of Diamondback’s Mule bag (right), Ox bag (left), Hammer Holster, and their 6″ Belt. In total there are 8 pockets, 13 slots, and 4 loops. Additionally, we received the DB Sax, double clip slingshot, utility sheath, and gun loop. There are several other accessories, pouches, and bags you can select from on their website. From full complete bag sets, their new chest rigs, or even small clip-on pouches Diamondback has what you need for all jobs!

The GRRande on the Job

At the beginning of our day, we set out to achieve our work goals, who doesn’t right? Spending time looking for tools or reloading fasteners delays our progress in achieving this goal.  The GRRande offers us the solution of having all we need, where we need it when we need it.

Left Side Ox Bag

The framing phases of our decks require a variety of fasteners. We utilize Timberloks, Headloks, several clips of ring shank nails, hefty carriage bolts, and Thruloks to name a few. We are talking about large quantities of each.  I am right-hand dominant so I like to fill the left side of my bags with fasteners. The Ox bag has 2 large wide open pockets to accommodate tons of fasteners. I also keep some pencils, my speed square, and a nail set on this side. In the top pocket, I am able to keep 20+ clips of 3″ ring shank nails.

In the lower of the two large pockets, I am able to keep 50 probably close to 100 Headloks. We use 4-1/2″ Headloks to secure our joists and our surface mounted posts. The double clip slingshot is also a great resource to add even more fasteners.

Right Side Mule Bag

The Mule bag is where I keep my go-to tools. Again two really wide open pockets to store fasteners or tools. In these bags, I keep a small pry-bar, knife, set of pliers, my hammer, and Tape measure. On the lowest pocket, I keep miscellaneous bits and some extra fasteners as well.  Just behind the bag, I have my DB Sax which secures with a clip to my belt. In there I keep an extra set of gloves and a spare cordless battery. This is also an overflow for some additional hand tools that I may need.

Price and Overall Impression

Here is a cost breakdown of the reviewed Diamondback GRRande Tool Belt and extras

  • $450.00 – GRRande Tool Belt
  • $30.00 – Right Side Hammer Holster
  • $35.00 – Gun Loop
  • $115.00 – Deluxe Suspenders
  • #30.00 – Utility Sheath
  • $28.00 – DB Sax2
  • $20.00 – Double Clip Slingshot

The Diamondback GRRande Tool Belt is expensive and yes you can go to your local box store and pick up a tool belt between $50 and $100 versus the $700 here at Diamondback but how long will that rig last? A well designed, durable, and comfortable tool belt is an investment that should last a decade or more, not one season or half a year. Staying on task, reduction of time looking for tools, or stocking up on fasteners are just a couple of the benefits the GRRande Tool Belt offers.

A Diamondback tool belt is a tool that you will wear every day.  On most job sites, it’s the first thing that goes on, and the last thing that comes off.  The Diamondback is a long haul investment that will not disappoint. Built with durability in mind the Diamondback rigs offer the organization and storage space for all my essentials. Gone are the days of suffering through wearing an uncomfortable tool belt. The Diamondback belts are comfortable and sit great on your sides, you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

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