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OLIGHT Warrior X PRO Rechargeable Flashlight

As a self-proclaimed lover of the lumen, I have a flashlight everywhere in my house, workshop, trailer, truck, tool bag, and nightstand! We recently took a look at the newly redesigned Warrior X Pro flashlight from Olight.

What’s NEW on the Warrior X Pro Vs Warrior X

The Warrior X Pro weighs 8.43 ounces and can put out 2,250-lumens, and can throw light up to 600 meters.

OLIGHT updated the batteries on the Warrior XPro and are now using 5000mAh 21700 lithium batteries. These are the same battery cells we use in our newer cordless tools are running off of

The raised tactical tail switch was redesigned with a stronger magnet, and aggressive body knurling for a firmer grip. This redesign now makes it easier to activate the light.

New Charging Times

The Warrior X Pro uses a 20-inch long, 2A magnetic / USB charging cable that has been redesigned to charge 100%  faster charging than the Warrior X model did. It does not come with a charging block to plug into a wall receptacle – that’s on you.


During charging the magnetic end of the cord glows red while charging and green when fully charged. It takes 5.5 hours to fully charge this light.

Low Battery Indicator

When the battery gets low the flashlight vibration battery indication lets you know you have approximately 23 minutes of runtime left.

Durable Construction

The flashlight has a durable impact-resistant, lightweight aluminum casing that will resist rust and corrosion. This light is designed to can a 3-meter drop on a hard surface and has an IPX8 rating.


Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards, the Warrior Pro also features a durable LED bezel and rubberized O-ring construction for reliable water resistance and durability. The IPX8 waterproofness test requirements mean the light is suitable for continuous immersion in water under up to 2 meters.

Light Pattern

The Warrior X Pro flashlight gives off a powerful spotlight with a halo perimeter light. It has a two-position, quick cycle switch allows you to select between a low and high light output.

This flashlight emits a consistent neutral white light in both a “spot to halo flood” pattern.  The light has no dark rings or imperfections.

Law enforcement folks will love this “officer safety” feature as it allows you to place a super bright and debilitating light into a suspect’s eyes and the halo light allows you to observe the suspects’ hands, feet, surrounding area, etc.  On building searches, the spotlight illuminates the officer’s area of focus, up to 600 meters, while the halo illuminates the peripheral areas. The best of both worlds.


The Warrior X Pro will run 8 hours on low and run at 2,250 Lumen for 2 minutes, then down to 1000 lumens and stay at 1000 lumens for 100 minutes.



The carry case has a magnetic flap and can be worn on a belt or a molly attachment system. The light comes with a tactical ring or lanyard option, we chose to use the light with the tactical ring as it felt better in our hand.


The Warrior X Pro sells online for approximately $97.00. OLight has a limited edition sale,  right now this light and their i5T EOS mini flashlight for $101.00.

The i5T EOS has a low/high output, 300-lumen output, and 60-meter throw and a 20-hour runtime powered by only a single AA battery

I’ll put the link to this special sale deal in the description below.

Overall Thoughts

The Warrior X Pro offers excellent performance at a  reasonable cost and if you jump on the bundle deal and exceptional value!

I have been using the Warrior X Pro Flashlight for over a month now and am pleased with the size, weight, rechargeable feature, and performance of this light. Everyone who sees this light comments either on the quality of the beam, how bright it is, or the bright halo effect of the lens.

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